Okay, I use REACH a lot – most days, to be honest, because I’m always losing something. But yesterday, I got a frantic call from Ali, a close friend who had been staying with us. That morning, she and her partner had left our village to drive home, stopped for a coffee at a service station – only to realise that her phone, along with her credit cards tucked inside the phone cover, was missing. I drove right back to our house to meet Ali there, and together we turned over her car and every place she’d been that day – bathrooms, kitchen, living room, hallway, and outside. The three of us were chanting REACH, REACH, REACH  – and nothing was happening!

All we had was a strong feeling that the phone, in its new pink leather case, would show up.

It didn’t. One hour of frantic searching, and… nothing.

I couldn’t believe REACH hadn’t worked. (After all, I’ve just written a book on Switchwords, with successful REACH case studies – how ironic, I mused.) We needed a miracle – and then began chanting REACH with DIVINE. DIVINE is the ‘bring me a miracle’ Switchword: DIVINE-REACH, DIVINE-REACH, DIVINE REACH.

Later that afternoon, while my friend was busy cancelling her cards, she received an email from a local bank branch (strange, because her bank is an online subsidiary of that bank, with a different name). The postman had found the phone on a path near our house, and, not recognising the name on the credit cards, had driven four miles to hand it in to a bank to make sure her cards were safe. So, while REACH hadn’t worked because the phone had been literally out of reach, when we added the miracle word DIVINE, Ali was reunited with her phone and cards after all.