Switchwords for Weightloss

Weight-loss is a vexed issue for so many of us. We try our best with the latest fad diets and exercise regimes but often these only work for a few weeks or months whilst we have the enthusiasm and will power to stick to them. Then, as we slip back into our normal lives the weight creeps back on and the cycle starts all over again.

Why is this? There are no easy answers, but one thing that the vast array of diet and exercise gurus rarely address is the power of the subconscious mind in the whole process. Your subconscious mind may have been programmed to think of food as a way to self-soothe and comfort, or as a means to get grounded or as the best way to celebrate. Have you ever had the experience of putting the phone down after a difficult conversation and before you know it you’ve found a cake or biscuit in your mouth? The subconscious mind is doing its best to protect us by making us reach for food in moments of stress and high emotion – and high emotion can also include happy things. Switchwords for weightloss can help.

The power of CUT

Mindfulness – the full awareness in the moment of what you are eating and drinking and the impact that is or will have is a powerful tool for weight-loss. But bringing mindfulness to our eating is much easier said than done as those of us who have experimented with the Buddhist mantra ‘drink your food and chew your drink’ have found out! Even the simple act of slowing down and chewing our food slowly and mindfully can seem like an uphill struggle. This is where Switchwords can help as they don’t involve a great deal of effort in the moment. CUT is the Switchword for curbing your excesses – the word to use as you reach for that biscuit or sweet on a whim. It can also be used to help you eat and drink more mindfully. Think CUT when browsing a menu, visiting a supermarket or simply planning what to eat for dinner. It will help you subconsciously choose what’s best for you regardless what other people are eating.

As you browse the list below – feel what word or words resonate with you and play with them. Weight loss can be much more complicated than ‘eat less, exercise more’ so be gentle with yourself and enjoy finding out what works for you.

The Switchwords for weight loss list:

OFF – to stop a bad habit
CUT – to control excess and improve self-care
OFFER – to not be greedy
PRAISE – to like your body
BE – for good health
RESTORE – to restore what you feel you have lost (e.g. the figure/health you once had)
SAVE – to stop drinking

PURGECANCEL – to get rid of thoughts that sabotage well-being
RESTOREBE – to be the person you were; to return to good health

TOGETHEROFFERBE – to be committed to health weight loss.

Spend a few moments with the Switchwords for weightloss prescription here.