We’ve been getting lots of great questions in our Questions section and we thought it would be a good idea to expand on some of the answers that Aunty Switch has offered.

Finding a soul mate can sometimes seem like an impossible task but Switchwords for love can help. As with anything to do with the subconscious mind, it often helps to try and discover what blocks you may have lurking under the surface creating old relationship patterns. Often it’s these unknown beliefs and attitudes that holds us back from attracting our heart’s desire. So start by chanting TOGETHER-LOVE for a day or two and be attentive to what pops into your mind. TOGETHER is the Master Switchword that aligns the subconscious and conscious minds. LOVE, unsurprisingly, attracts and generates love.

This part of the process can be the most tricky, because we have become so used to our habitual patterns of thought, that we don’t even notice when our subconscious mind whispers to us. So do pay close attention to any images or flashes of intuition that pop up and make a real effort to engage with them. Sometimes keeping a journal or diary can help to get the message through to the subconscious mind that this time you’re serious about finding The One!  I find that writing out the mantra ten times in the morning in a journal really helps and then just getting into a ‘stream of consciousness’ where I write down whatever comes to mind, can offer some amazing insights. But beware falling into the trap of starting to analyse ‘why’ things have happened or are the way they are. Whilst it can be enormously entertaining to become a detective seeking out clues as to why finding The One is so difficult, this is the way of the conscious mind and it blocks the power of the subconscious.

Aunty Switch in her answer suggests chanting BRING-LOVE-AKASHA-DIVINE-NOW to attract a soul mate. BRING is the manifesting Switchword and BRING-LOVE makes it clear that you want to manifest love! AKASHA links you to your soul records – the ‘book of life’ that it is said holds all the energetic information about past and future lives, where information about true soul mates resides.Tuning into these will help you recognise a soul mate when they show up as sometimes they don’t quite look the way we expect! Practising tuning into energy, rather than being distracted by physical looks, possessions and other material considerations can often hold the key to finding The One.  DIVINE asks for divine help and miracles and NOW makes it clear that you want it quickly!

Another Switchword for love that can help with attracting your heart’s desire is CHARM. It works when you focus on a goal that is your genuine wish. It works best when your desire comes from a place of love rather than need and creates the opportunities for your wish to be delivered.

Finally, a really effective way of activating the true power of Switchwords is to cultivate a feeling of gratitude. To do this, you can give thanks as if you have already received what you are asking for, before chanting the Switchwords. For example you could say (or write) ‘Thank you for bringing me my true love’ and then chant the mantra.