Journaling can be a great way to work with Switchwords – as the physical act of writing words down is a powerful way to anchor what you want in your subconscious mind.  There’s no right way to do it, but here are some suggestions to get you started. Feel free to adapt it to suit your own needs.

Clearing the Blocks

Often when something doesn’t manifest despite our best efforts, there’s a subconscious block. This can be a hidden belief or something that stops us ‘seeing’ or  being present to opportunities or actions that we need to take to get what we want. For some reason seemingly beyond our control, we may be ‘filtering out’ vital information that could make all the difference. Journaling provides a great way to explore and clear the blocks so that your chosen Switchwords can work their magic.


Start by getting centred by taking a few deep breaths to relax. If you have a ritual for making it clear that you are about do undertake something that’s important to you, then do that – some people like to light a candle or an incense stick, or call on special angels or higher beings for their support. Then think about what it is you want to manifest and try to be as specific as possible. So, as an example,  ‘I want more money’ can be honed into ‘I’m so grateful for the £500 for my holiday in June’. Often just getting specific about what you want will trigger the subconscious mind – as it likes to deal with specific, literal things. Also notice that it’s written with gratitude and in the present tense. The subconscious mind operates in the eternal present, it doesn’t ‘do’ past or future! Then write (or type) this at the top of the page.

Next, write out the Master Switchword TOGETHER ten times (or more if the mood takes you). You can write it out all on one line separated by commas, or in a list down the page. TOGETHER aligns the subconscious and conscious selves as one, so it’s the best way to surface and clear all the inconsistencies between the two. Be sure to stay present whilst you are writing it out. I find it helps to write TOGETHER out as capital letters as this takes more effort. Clear your mind and be really mindful of your experience in the present moment. Listen to the sound of the pen on the paper (or the rattle of the keyboard), notice how it feels to hold the pen, can you feel anything else in your body as you write (type)?.

When you’ve finished writing out TOGETHER, stop for a few moments and take a couple more deep breaths, then just start writing. Put down anything and everything that springs to mind in a stream of consciousness. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, punctuation or anything else and above all else don’t analyse what you’re writing. Just write it down and have the intention that this is a clearing out, a de-cluttering or a cleansing. If you suddenly feel frozen and can’t write anything, just write that down – something like: ‘ nothing, no words, can’t write’. If you’re stuck just write down your current, in this moment experience.  Keep writing until you reach a natural conclusion then stop and physically smile. This helps to raise the vibration of what has just been ‘dumped’. Don’t worry if the smile feels forced, again it’s the intention that counts. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to read back over what you have just written as it’s really important that you stay with the subconscious mind in the present moment. If you start reading it back, it’s inevitable that you will start to analyse it and this engages the conscious mind in thinking which unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of manifesting power!


Now, select the Switchword or phrase that you want to work with. Don’t spend ages to trying to get the ‘right’ one – again it’s important not to get into thinking/analysing mode. The power of Switchwords is that they are simple so either go with one or a simple phrase from the Universal List, or make up your own. If some words spring to mind use those – but keep it very simple and write them out in capitals with a dash between them. So using the example above, a suitable phrase could be COUNT-£500-THANK-YOU, or if you feel you need a bit of ‘extra’ support – DIVINE-COUNT-£500-THANK-YOU. COUNT is the Switchword for specific amounts of money, and THANK-YOU is gratitude. DIVINE is the Switchword for miracles. Go with your feelings on whether you should include the amount of money or not. There is no right way to do it – but some people think that adding the amount adds power. It’s up to you.

Other ‘personal’ words may spring to mind as a result of your TOGETHER clearing exercise. You’ll know if they’re right to use if you get a sense of excitement or possibility when you write them down. I sometimes brainstorm words on the page until the right combination suddenly ‘gels’. The key to this is not to worry about getting it right just go with the flow. But do limit yourself to three or four words and don’t get into ‘shopping-list’ mode!

Once you’ve got the words you want to work with, just write them out at least ten times. Again, stay mindful about what you’re doing and try to stay in the present moment by noticing your breath, listening to the sound of your pen and noticing any body sensations.


When you’ve done the ten repetitions just stop. Smile again. Then do whatever you normally do to ‘close’ a ritual – blow out the candle, thank the angels or just simply get up and stretch. Make sure you ground yourself back into ‘normal’ reality, put the page away and go about your usual business knowing that the power of Switchwords has been unleashed!