Switchwords have proved remarkably effective when it comes to money. We’ve had lots of positive feedback about people manifesting unexpected amounts when they’ve taken the time to activate their Switchword for money. The best results have come from taking time to clearing the blocks to wealth using a phrase such as POVERTY-CANCEL making sure that they are truly open to receive. What’s interesting is that people tend to win or find small amounts to begin with – almost like a message from the Universe to show that channels have been opened!

Here are a couple of our success stories about using a Switchword for money:

I hadn’t heard of Switchwords until I saw Liz’s book for sale, just a few days ago. Something struck a chord, and I immediately bought it. I found it easy to read and understand, and soon I was chanting and thinking POVERTY-CANCEL and then TOGETHER-FIND-DIVINE. Within two days, I won £152 on the national lottery! I see no reason why it can’t work in all areas of life. I’m very grateful to have found this book. – Steve

And this

I’ve been really, really poor recently and needed an injection of cash almost immediately…did it today whilst in the shower before checking my bank account….HMRC have given me a reasonable rebate on my taxes. It’s not a fortune, but it’s enough to make this month considerably easier than it was earlier in the day when I was expecting about a quarter of that amount back from the taxman…very very grateful and thrilled…it works so thanks! – Nadia

Here are links to some of our Switchword for money prescriptions. Don’t forget you can use these on your phone – so if you’ve got a bus journey or some spare time whilst you’re waiting somewhere, just find this site on your smartphone and take a few moments to absorb the prescriptions – all you need do is sit and watch!

To Attract Wealth

To Make Money Go Further

To Attract New Clients or Work

To Clear Money Blocks

To Get Publicity and Sell

Do let us know how you get on!