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February was Switchwords for Love Month!

Throughout February we tweeted a series of one-a-day Switchwords for Love. Just in case you missed these we thought we’d share the best Switchwords for love as a complete Switch words list.

Chant, tap or write-out the phrases ten times and then just say them to yourself whenever you remember them throughout the day. It really doesn’t matter how you do this, what it important is your intention to get in touch with your subconscious mind to unlock and manifest your love dreams.

Here’s the Switchwords for Love List:

When it’s time to attract your soul mate chant BRING-LOVE-AKASHA-DIVINE-NOW.  

What’s getting in the way of love? TOGETHER-LOVE now to see your beliefs that block love.

Need a love miracle? Chant BRING-ON-LOVE-DIVINE. 

To heal the rift in your relationship use TINY-LOVE-ADJUST. 

Chant TOGETHER ten times to bring you and your partner closer.

For the strength to walk away and find new love: chant SWING-BRING-NOW.

To find new friends and socialize: chant CHLORINE-BRING. 

To stop regretting a past love, chant TOGETHER-ADJUST-TINY-THANKS.

To heal aloneness, chant ALONE-TOGETHER-BE.

To cut the cords and get closure on past love, chant person’s name plus DELETE-ST MICHAEL. 

To forgive yourself or another chant TURN-TOMORROW.

For your heart’s desire, chant LOVE-CHARM. 

For a great first date, chant PRAISE-BUBBLE and be your best.

To let them know you’re interested: chant GIVE-SWEET before you message or meet.

Attract true love from a place of love within rather than need; chant  CHANGE-BE-LOVE-CHARM. 

Build trust in love – chant THANKS-TOMORROW-YES! 

To get back together, chant TOGETHER-BE-TOMORROW-SHOW.

Let go of your ex for good: chant TOGETHER-ADJUST-TINY-THANKS. 

To put the magic back into your relationship: chant SHINE-TOGETHER-ADJUST. 

To stop misunderstandings, chant TOGETHER-ACT.

To stop ruminating over the past, chant REVERSE-DELETE.

To stop quarrelling, chant CONCEDE-TOGETHER. 

To reconcile your differences, chant LENNON.

To deepen your love, chant LOVE-BE-DIVINE. 

To get through a fear of commitment, chant TOGETHER-ROCK ROSE. 

To see the true nature of your relationship, chant RELEASE-RESISTANCE. Be bold!

To release hurt in your relationship, chant BOW-RESTORE. 

To send out a call for your perfect partner, chant REACH-LOVE-BE-NOW. 

Do let us know how you get on using the Switchwords for love list. We are always interested in feedback and to ask or question or make a comment click here.

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