According to my inbox, this month is all about money – or lack of it – so it’s time for more money Switchwords! Below, I’m sharing with you a great Switchword Prescription to bring in magic cash for Christmas, along with a few easy techniques to speed it up. Here’s what to do:

Get the money flowing in…

Bring in more income: FIND-DIVINE-COUNT. If you’ve struggled financially recently, begin by chanting POVERTY-CANCEL for a day – this helps remove money blocks. On day two, chant FIND-DIVINE-GIVE. Chant FIND-DIVINE-GIVE around ten times, at least three times a day – in the morning (try chanting in the shower), when you eat lunch, and before bed.

Be open to receive it – the easy way! You can do this by accepting the small good things that come your way – those tiny gifts you barely notice, from a compliment to an offer of help. Why? Because accepting the small, sweet things in life that are free opens the door to money. You create money-flow in your life, rather than money blocks.

Gemma told me that her money-manifesting with Switchwords improved when she learned to accept a compliment. ‘If someone said, ‘Nice top’ when I came into the office, ‘I’d usually say, ‘Yeah, £15 at Primark. It’s pretty old’, and laugh a bit. But when I started saying ‘Thank you’, and nothing more – swallowing my need to make light of it – a bit of money started to come in. One lot of cash came as a birthday present from my colleagues, which was amazing, because I usually got a perfume set and I hadn’t told anyone I really needed money this year! It felt weird at first, accepting every little thing in a more gracious way, but it seemed to speed up my money Switchword request.’

Next, pass on any unwanted gifts you’ve received during the year. If they are still stashed in a cupboard or slung elsewhere out of sight, shift them: give them away to others or to charity. An unwanted present is a symbol that you’re rejecting gifts – so remove the symbol! This tells the Universe that you are ready to receive what you want, right now.

And when you’ve got it…

Resist the urge to go crazy! When you’re shopping and you’ve reached your budget limit, chant:


so you can resist all those tempting offers on the way out of the store and don’t overspend – you’ll bring home just what you want and no more.