Love and money are the two issues we get asked most about virtually every day on our site: ‘Can we get back together?’ ‘How can I attract better creative opportunities?’ ‘How do I repair my relationship?’ ‘What’s the Switchword for meeting The One?

With this in mind, I’ve put together two ebooks: Switchword Prescriptions for Love , and Switchword Prescriptions for Money

They supplement the ‘mother’ book,Switchwords: How to Use One Word To Get What You Want, but they also stand alone, going more deeply into each issue and offering Switchwords to transform your situation from one of lack or doubt to possibility and abundance.

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Here’s a little preview for you: A lovely Switch to get the spark back in your relationship: BRIGHT-STAR TWO. Need inspiration to get your finances back on track? Chant REACH-DIVINE-COUNT.

Switchwords for Healing

This month we’re focusing on Switchwords for healing, and you’ll find some new blog posts:

Angelic Healing with Switchwords

Switchword Healing Through the Chakras

Chakra Healing: Switchwords for the Heart

Switchwords and Illness

Please let us know what you think, and feel free to ask any questions here. We’ll do our best to respond quickly.