Major changes often leave us feeling ungrounded; we miss familiarity. If you’ve moved house recently (as I have), or ended or renewed a relationship,Switchwords can help you rediscover your ground and sense of belonging.

The same goes when our life roles and identities shift: you may have become recently self-employed, or vegan, or become a parent, or a student, or… but hang on. Change is constant, isn’t it? It’s just that some changes have, or appear to have, a more profound impact than others. The upshot is that we feel pushed right out of our comfort zones.


So, I’ve been exploring the Switchwords that bring on an acceptance of change and theĀ empowerment change offers. Acceptance can be a challenge when you’ve got the before-and-after vibe going on. You can’t really be in the (new) moment when your memories are running in parallel. You wake up and think you’re in your old bed, or you’re going to you old workplace, then with a jolt remember you’re somewhere entirely different. You’re interrupted by flashbacks interrupting the flow of NOW.

What works for me is the Universal Switchword BOW. It’s the ‘Surrender Switch’; it helps us process change gently. Add the Switchwords DIVINE-ORDER, and you have a powerful phrase that helps you surrender to change, to let go and be in the present. And when you feel present in mind and body, you certainly feel grounded:


‘I trust the changes in my life to unfold in a way that’s right for me now.’

It’s also a great phrase to chant if you’re suffering because of decisions imposed upon you by other people, such as redundancy, or a relationship break-up you didn’t want.

…And a bit of news…

I guested on KCOR’s Cosmic Connection radio show this week, with Trisha G and Merlin Wizard (I haven’t asked if that’s his real name). Great discussion about tarot, numbers, and of course, Switchwords – here’s the link (Go to location 54:00 for Liz’s interview and 1:21:00 for Switchwords)