Regular visitors to this site know that our ‘Any Questions’ section gets a lot of traffic! And a BIG thank you to everyone who takes time to post a question. We hope the answers from Aunty Switch are proving helpful. People are also asking lots of questions in the Comments section of posts, so we thought it would be useful to do a digest of some the more popular questions and answers about love and relationships. Here they are:

Q: Can you attract a certain person using Switchwords?

A: You can only attract people if you are meant to be together, so Switchwords can’t guarantee the outcome. However, if you are meant to be together then TOGETHER-PRAISE-UP-LOVE can help you connect. PRAISE boosts your charisma and attractiveness, UP gets things moving and TOGETHER will bring you together.

Q: What are the Switchwords for eternal love?

A: Try: TOGETHER-LOVE-DIVINE ORDER – may love flow perfectly, may we be unified in love.

Q: How do I get my lost love back? There was a misunderstanding and now he’s not contacting me anymore

A: PURGE-CONFESS-TOGETHER. This helps you reconcile – if you are meant to be together. Chant it three times a day, ten times or so, then ‘let go’ when you’ve finished chanting – be calm and trust the mantra.

Q: How do I get my boyfriend back so we can start talking again?

A: Switchwords can help you if it’s right for you two to be together. Try: TOMORROW-RESTORE-PERFECT-LOVE. TOMORROW stops regretting the past, and RESTORE can help bring back what’s lost.

Q: What are the Switchwords that will help me strengthen my relationship with my ex, so we can get back together again?

A: Try ELOHIM-DIVINE-TOGETHER to bring you back together – but this is possible only if this is your path. If you have past issues you need to clear so you can get closer, chant SHINE-TOGETHER.

Q: I want to marry my boyfriend, but my family won’t accept him. We both love each other so what Switchwords will help?

A: SWEET-BOW-CHANGE-DIVINE-SWING-TOGETHER. This helps make the situation less of an issue, creates positive change and helps keep your relationship strong

Q: How do I meet my soul mate? 


Q: I have been in a relationship for the last six years and we want to get married, but my parents have rejected him as a match and are are getting good proposals from others. What will help so I can plan my life with my boyfriend?

A: Try chanting PURGE-CANCEL while directing your thoughts toward the potential marriage proposals (you can add the person’s name after CANCEL, too). As a general chant, try: DIVINE-ENVELOPE to protect you from proposals/marriage you don’t want. To strengthen your relationship with your boyfriend, chant LOVE-TOGETHER.

Q: My husband and I are separated and every time we try to reconcile, something gets in the way.

A: Try this mantra: PURGE-CONCEDE-TOGETHER-THANKS I suggest you recite it 10 or 28 times, three times a day, but the most important aspect of this chanting is to chant from a calm mindset, and trust that if you’re meant to be together, it will happen.

Q: We are on the verge of breaking up, but I want to prevent that. What should I chant?

A: You can chant a love mantra: TOGETHER-LOVE-DIVINE-ORDER; if it’s right for you to be together, this mantra helps love flow. For trust issues, chant TOGETHER-TRUST

Q: I’m in love with someone who is already married – how can we be together?

A: DIVINE-LOVE-BE-TOGETHER is a great Switchword mantra to try – but please be aware that it can work only if you are meant to be together. When you chant the mantra, try to let go of your wish and chant with a feeling of peace and trust that you will get what you need in love – with this person or with someone else who will make you happy. When we detach from a situation that is a struggle, we release energy – so events can take their course.

Q: How do I get someone to accept my marriage proposal?

A: Switchwords may help relationships if it’s right for the two of you to be together: try chanting DIVINE-LOVE-TOGETHER-BE, and know that whatever the decision, it will be right for you and the other person.

Q: My husband hasn’t spoken to me for over five months

A: This is a difficult one to respond to – for example, is your husband not talking to you, or not talking to others, too? You could try SLOW-STAR-ACT-TOGETHER to help communication, to begin with (brings patience, communication, togetherness, and raises energy)

Q: My husband won’t spend weekends with me and my child, he prefers to spend time with his family on his own

A: With Switchwords we can’t prevent people from following their own will, there are some Switchwords to help strengthen your bond as a couple – you could try: BRIGHT-STAR-LOVE-THREE.

Q: My boyfriend and I met abroad and we were in love for four years. Since I’ve come home he’s refused to communicate with me and won’t answer my calls or emails. 

A: Sorry to hear you’re in this difficult situation. Try chanting TOGETHER-RESTORE-LOVE (as this helps bring back what you have lost) – but of course Switchwords can only work if you’re meant to be together (and it may not be his path to be with you, however wrong that feels for you just now). When you’ve chanting, try to let go of your wish and trust that you will be in touch again if it’s right.

Q: My boyfriend has commitment issues because of a previous bad marriage. What do I chant?



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