We get lots of requests for prescriptions for money, business and career and you will find these scattered around our site in both the Question & Answers section and also on comments. For your convenience we have compiled some of the most popular questions and answers in this post.

Q:  I have been searching to break a cycle of boom and bust in my life for years, I have been told recently this is due to fighting myself because I fear my greatness or I’m scared of who I am. Any suggestions to which Switchwords would help expose and eliminate this fear?”

A: Try TOGETHER-BLUFF-DIVINE-LOVE. I’d work with TOGETHER on its own for a few days first, and journal what comes up for you after chanting – then try the mantra. BLUFF helps deal with fear, and DIVINE-LOVE helps with love for the self (i.e. avoiding self-sabotage).

Q:  I am running a clinic and I want to increase it with success and to help people with good and satisfactory results.

A:  Chant DIVINE-GIVE to attract clients – it really works!

Q: How long do switchwords take to work? I am in a big financial crisis. Please help!

A: Switchwords work best when you’re not panicking. Be calm, take a breath, and chant, then let go of your wish and trust things will improve. You can add a deadline to a Switchword phrase e.g. GOLDEN SUNRISE-COUNT-TOGETHER-JUNE1, but I find they work just as well without a date.

Q:  I am a working woman with a child. The management of my company has decide to change our present office location to a far away place which will take me four hours to get to.  This change will affect my life badly, and it is not easy to get a new job again in the same field with the same salary, If i change to the new location then my in-laws/husband will not allow me to work.  Please help me.

A: I’m afraid Switchwords cannot solve every problem – and if your company has decided to relocate, you may need to look at other options. To help new opportunities come to you, try chanting DIVINE-REACH-COUNT-TOGETHER-SUDDENLY-BE-DONE.

Q: I am working in an office and my work gets stuck as I am always given complex projects. I want my work to be smoothly done so my work is appreciated and I get promoted with a rise in salary.

A: First of all, begin by manifesting efficiency by chanting DIVINE ORDER-ATTENTION. This is the magic phrase that helps you get everything done well and in good time, and handle detailed work. When you’re happy with how you are managing your work and are ready for promotion and praise, chant: COUNT-TOGETHER-SHINE-TOGETHER. This helps bring in money and special attention.

Q: I have lent a lot of money to a person and he is not paying me back. What are the Switchwords to get it back?

A:  See here for an article on this

Q: My joining a new company for a job is being delayed by paperwork.  What switch words should I chant to speed this up?  

A: Try chanting this mantra: GIVE-BOW-NOW-CIRCULATE

Q: I was searching for a specific job but couldn’t get it. So I did external training, studied at home and have now got the job although it hasn’t started yet. I am worried about my performance and I am not sure if I will be able to handle the work properly due to lack of experience. Whenever I go to the office, my heart starts beating fast, thinking what kind of work will I get,  and will I be able to do it or not and many things. I can’t even sleep properly at night. But one thing is for sure, I am putting all my effort into reading documents and practising the work.Can you help me?

A: Try DUCK-TOGETHER-CRYSTAL-SHINE-BE. Also, trust that the employer made the right decision to take you on. You’re doing all you can to succeed; and you can succeed. (Do chant OFF at night if it’s hard to sleep; boost with TOGETHER-OFF). I’d suggest you chant around 10 times, three times per day before work, at lunchtime, and once in the evening, and forget about chanting and Switchwords when you’re not actually chanting. If you feel very anxious at any point during the work day, chant BLUFF-HO a few times to help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Q: Please suggest something for me to get easy and willing approval for my transfer to the department of my choice at work.

A: You could try BRING-PRAISE-GIVE-BE-DONE – though please be aware that Switchwords are not magic spells – we need to work on our intention and vibration too, so generate a positive intention to contribute to your new department when you chant i.e. what can I offer (rather than ‘what will they give me?’)