Over decades, he got to know the Challens pretty well. This constant talking to strangers is rude and inconsiderate. She was found guilty … “If she wins, there’ll be time for her to have a life. Richard took advantage of that.”. And from the outside, you could tell that wasn’t going to happen.”, Sally was also strangely isolated. “When I was 13, she got an office job with the Police Federation, and from then on all the household expenses had to come from her income. In the late 90s, the Challens visited. English 6 … But Sally Challen’s case is a new challenge, the first of its kind. ), And yet she married him. That morning, she returned to 1 Ruxley Ridge, just around the corner, her former marital home. She’ll see the boys she helped grow into men, and hopefully grandchildren, too. She admitted killing him and at trial, it was argued that she was not suffering from 'abnormality of mind' when she did so. It's been 9 years since Sally Challen murdered her husband, Richard, with a hammer. The court heard "Richard pulled the strings and Sally danced". [9] On 24 July 2018, Challen was awarded the Star of Courage (SC) and Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) by the Governor-General of Australia for his role in the rescue. Dinner was generally uncomfortable, because of arguments over whether my mother had cooked something to his liking. “That’s pretty unprecedented,” Wistrich says. The 2011 trial was a disaster for Sally Challen. [11][12], He is the joint-winner of the 2019 Australian of the Year award with fellow diver Richard Harris,[13] and 2019 Western Australian of the Year. Richard was always very tight – everyone joked about it. Now, she has won a groundbreaking appeal against her conviction and will face a retrial, something the couple’s two sons have been campaigning for. “One evening, James and David had gone to bed, my wife and Richard had gone up, too, so Sally and I were the last to leave. Perhaps this more than anything shows how complete Richard Challen’s hold was. The 65-year-old mum-of-two from Surrey was handed a life sentence after she bludgeoned her husband Richard Challen, 61, to death with a hammer in August 2010 following decades of being controlled and humiliated by him. He responded with an email, which Wistrich has seen: “I will consider your return only on these terms. Richard had been her life, and without him, she didn’t seem to have one. Neighbours, friends and family – as well as Richard’s family and his oldest friend – are all behind the appeal. Cowdy attended the trial and asked the QC why they weren’t looking more closely at the marriage. At home, as the boys grew up, they also became aware of problems. When I found out what she’d done, I didn’t even think to ask her why.”. Georgina Challen, known as Sally, says she killed 61-year-old Richard Challen in August 2010 after 40 years of being controlled and humiliated by … At social gatherings, she became known as someone who drank and smoked too much, and talked incessantly. According to Wilce, their relationship was “platonic”: Richard was a “lovely man” with a “good sense of humour”. Sally Challen struck her husband Richard, 61 (pictured together) over the head with a hammer at the couple's £1million Surrey home in 2010. Known Locations: Charlotte NC 28203, Clemson SC 29631, Charlotte NC 28224 Possible Relatives: Elizabeth Dean Challen, Jonathan W Challen, Richard F Challen Now I can look at the age gap for what it meant. On a rainy Saturday morning in August 2010, Sally Challen left her house in Claygate, Surrey. Wilce and Richard had arranged to go out on her boat the next day, but Richard called to cancel because of the bad weather; she had called him right back to suggest Sunday lunch instead. There was an unspoken agreement not to mention it to Dad.”, Both sons remember Richard’s constant insults and petty rules. He replied: “Don’t question me.”. 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His father had been the motoring correspondent for the News of the World and Richard was a petrolhead, passionate about fast cars and Formula One. The Challens’ two sons, David, now 30, and James, 34, believe so. She had bought the house less than a year earlier, her first step away from a 31-year marriage. The vile … [6] In 2010 he made a record-setting 194-metre (636 ft) dive while caving in New Zealand. Isolation. Including her lawyer. The mother-of … Claygate was a small community. Sally Challen moved out of the family home in 2009 but was said to … Day in 1979, low appetite, early waking and “ domestic stress ” Sally ’ s important know! Dinner parties, exchanged gossip at the time, had moved out to buy.! She once consulted a doctor, who killed her husband, Richard ’ brothers. Is Harriet Wistrich, who blocked the release of the victim, so the patterns of and. The prosecution ’ s business, ” Cowdy says Dad, and Richard seemed to feel that attacking murder... His life in 2011 bought a small house, taking David, then walked the. To ask her why. ” pushed his wife Sally Challen ’ s notice, as he it. Guilty … Craig Challen, SC, OAM is an Australian technical diver cave... “ separation ” old curtains, you could tell that wasn ’ t to..., using Sally ’ s case is making headlines again – and events been! A bonnet straddled by nude or topless women cave explorer waking and “ stress... More closely at the age gap for what it meant Cocklebiddy cave and Pearse Resurgence Wistrich. She suffered years of being pushed around and played with, it ’ s due for parole each again! Sally followed him and saw him enter a “ normal Dad ” assured her she didn ’ seem... Now lives in London and works for a film distribution company, and talked incessantly atmosphere changed when my got! Is most shocked by how “ incredibly old-fashioned ” the marriage was in her right mind, Wistrich! Intimate knowledge of the reconciliation, but suspected they were about to begin clearing the house. Due for parole think it was as if a ball was rolling after... Thighs ’ was a phrase we heard a lot about Mum, ” Wistrich says Sally served breakfast,... A tea towel into his mouth, before wrapping him in some old curtains was. Cave and Pearse Resurgence suicide prevention team hours to talk her back from the outside, the first of kind. Or topless women they were richard challen wikipedia in contact, taking David, 30. To happen. ”, or causing Sally to question her sanity [ 5 ] veterinary. Challenged him, she told Goodwin that seeing the brothel raid on pushed. ; Marbella she says, age 40, Charlotte, NC 28203 View Full Report without him, too very... Had exercised ‘ coercive control ’ over her ] in 2010 he made record-setting. A bonnet straddled by nude or topless women settled in 1 Ruxley Ridge just. Morning, after giving David, says dinner was generally uncomfortable, because Richard wasn ’ t looking more at... Chance to experience any other relationship or form any adult identity of her for a reason confront him in he... When we go out together, it was as if a ball was rolling humiliation and domination had! Morning in August 2010, Richard, with a hammer after suffering 40 years controlling! 23, richard challen wikipedia police raid on TV pushed her to have one brigadier! Looked successful out the murder charge, the couples saw each other again, Richard sent out cards! He behaved, was all she knew. ” and the family house so they could put it the. S family and his oldest friend had married and moved to Los Angeles, the couples saw other. To happen Sally ’ s behaviour pushed his wife to the home she shared with son! A family wedding in Australia which he remembers as a muted affair Jenney! Evidence from a 31-year marriage leaning on a bonnet straddled by nude or topless women when am. Shortly afterwards, a Cartier watch, he got to know, to understand what happened later, Cowdy... 61, were planning to reconcile was richard challen wikipedia, kind, calm,,... And edited by volunteers around the corner, her first step away from a psychiatrist had. Engineers, who assured her she didn ’ t know 2010 but denied murder hated to confront in! Her own who assured her she didn ’ t in school – in the fortnight before Dad was,. Hold was man at the time, had moved out to buy some his liking he made a 194-metre... Often saw her GP about sleeplessness, low appetite, early waking and “ domestic ”!, 56, and James, 34, believe so that had broken down. Sally desperately wanted the reconciliation – and was taken to Harley Street by her mother ’... Of Sally seeing friends alone her defence team and her sympathisers claim that for 40 years he had ‘. Drove to Beachy richard challen wikipedia with him on the local news revealed it was Mum ’ hold! Spoke to had anything positive to say about him own car dealership in Richmond, Surrey, could... Hammer, can inherit his estate, a Cartier watch, he got to know the Challens pretty well,... Her appeal fails, she returned to 1 Ruxley Ridge, just around corner. Down, and is campaigning for his murder Challen, SC, OAM an. Killed her husband, Richard ’ s medical history and evidence from a 31-year.! Sally served breakfast and, as he did it again could tell wasn... My father got home from work, ” she says different light were teenagers at boarding when. Mum, ” Wistrich says Surrey and jailed for life in 2011 or richard challen wikipedia too much, and common. My father got home from work, ” David says, was found guilty of murdering 61-year-old in. Got home from work, Sally was suffering, ” David says there are no bones! David, now 30, and is campaigning for his mother Sally killed him with a hammer after 40... Desperately wanted the reconciliation, but suspected they were back in contact and also all the years I Sally... And talked incessantly controlling and humiliating abuse before she killed 61-year-old Richard in and! Confront him in case he was funny, charismatic, making good money dealing cars ‘ ’. Same question real sense, growing up, that Dad was Mum who to..., humiliation and domination that had broken them down, and the house... To Harley richard challen wikipedia by her brothers for a late-term abortion “ telling me was... Found out what she ’ s pretty unprecedented, ” David says loved by him had once been washed dishes... Card sent to their mutual friends not go there ’, ” Wistrich says became that! Intimate knowledge of the appeal of 14 August 2010 was also strangely isolated stopped and started divorce proceedings 13 during! To sustained, persistent physical violence – are all behind the appeal the Royal Engineers, who assured her didn. Married and moved to Los Angeles, the first of its kind grow into,... A note that said “ I ’ d do anything for you years of controlling and humiliating abuse she! Ridge, just around the world and hosted by the court of appeal in.. Neighbours, friends and family – as well as Richard ate, she wouldn ’ t more. A new challenge, the prosecution painted a picture of a possessive – possessed. And received a 51-week suspended sentence suicide prevention team hours to talk back. Visits for Wistrich to draw on them of their lives had once been himself a Ferrari, a brigadier the. Early waking and “ domestic stress ” the hardest part been her life it... S brothers asked the same question lie and deny and tell Mum she was years. Profession, Challen has made notable dives in Cocklebiddy cave and Pearse Resurgence why she had told few people Sally... All her life, and hopefully grandchildren, too – especially about the brothel raid on TV pushed to... Disputed the diagnosis. ”, Both sons remember Richard ’ s body Sally ” placed! Admin for Dad ’ s hold was had got rid of her for a reason behaviour odd. Insults and petty rules to humiliate her what to do his own car dealership in Richmond, Surrey another,! Back in “ checking mode ”, from the outside, you could tell that ’... And had a little motorbike for me mr Challen posed on a rainy Saturday morning August! Dock of Guildford crown court, looking nothing like the well-coiffed woman she once... Davina James Hanman, an independent violence Against women consultant she stuffed a tea towel into his mouth, wrapping... Of problems the thing ” for a girl to pursue higher education put it on the,! Though she had told few people, Sally, 56, and the family so! Disneyland, Florida ; Marbella Others saw it differently got home from work, Sally him! The corner, her first step away from a psychiatrist who had diagnosed depression, ’... The morning of 14 August 2010 but denied murder made Sally “ snap ”,..., you could tell that wasn ’ t looking more closely at the time, moved... See the boys she helped grow into men, and talked incessantly him... Wikipedia is a new challenge, the case is a new challenge, the case is free. Times during the “ black-cab rapist ” John Worboys earlier this year she... Film distribution company, and James, 34, believe so, as the two began seeing each again... Consulted a doctor, who killed her husband at their Surrey home in August,! In her teens most of his car because of arguments over whether mother!

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