Hi everyone! If you need anything more, then feel free to contact me privately at snknight1968 @ hotmail dot com , just include “7 day diet” in the subject line. Can you drink sweet tea, or just non sweetened tea? When healing from any kind of surgery, your healing factor needs all it’s (let’s say healing powers). Fruit has very little protein. Although I am not really overweight, I wanted to drop those extra pounds from Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ll write you very soon at your address of email and I’ll tell you everything. 3 third week soup diet Leave the scale alone ! Oh and if you do this diet, post what was the hardest part and what is your end result? There’s a reason why you don’t eat bananas on day 2 for your potassium, because bananas have more calories than a potato. In the end, it’s your decision. I’ve switched to a mostly plant based diet and still have … Then there wasn’t a hundred different versions. So, keep them coming and if I can help you with the answers, it makes me happy to do so. Let me make sure you understand one or two things. Come on, you’ve got 4 days done, don’t give up and hold fast. I haven’t weighed under 180 lbs in at least 15 years. Yes, that’s true and those two will give you as much proteins as a steak, except not the same amount of iron, which by day 5 and 6 is very needed for energy. Polyunsaturated fat 0.5 g 8:00 am ; Breakfast, banana/skim milk 8:00 am ; Breakfast, 1 tomato On day 5 and 6, you need an animal protein for your metabolism. Lemon water (real lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemons) is also good as is black coffee. It also had the use of any spice to soup and even veggies if needed. It’s hard to stick to this hot soup diet on hot days. now i decide to do that again because i am older and cholesterol little high so i now it’s time doing that again! It’s from the grocery store “Super C” and it’s their store brand “selection” salad dressing. If you must add olive oil, less is more. Like Ted said, lemon juice, salt and pepper, lemon pepper or low sodium seasoning salt which in my opinion is the best when combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice. And there’s more posted, I recommend you skim through the comments for extra information that might help you. Can’t wait to know your end result. But if you do it, please let us know how it worked out for you ? Hi 🙂. i think that i’m not well informed for what to eat each day because the diet says the things in general but i understand that some products it’s better to not eat them. Yes, diets like this is great for immediate self gratification and a boost to eat better and start exercising more here and there. I’ve used this diet without the chicken noodle in the soup and had great results. I do not recommend doing this diet again only after 2-3 days off from finishing one. Am I right so far? How do I know if I am not drinking enough? I’ve still managed to lose 4lbs. Easy on Easter day binges…lol. A steaming bowl of green soup, packed with the season’s freshest vegetables, is a healthy way to start your meal. I think it’s not consuming sugar. Hi I am on day 7 lost 7 lbs going to do this for another week! Possible health benefits of tomatoesBunch of tomatoes No doctor on the planet is ever going to tell someone you’re eating too many good vegetables and/or too many good fruits. 8:00 am ; Breakfast, vegetables I take 8 ounces of that lemon water in the morning and right before bedtime (about an hour before bedtime). If you need anymore information and tips, look at my news posts, that pretty much cover all the bases. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a rapid weight loss diet. I continued losing as I had a total loss of 17.4 on day 10th. It is pretty low carb. I definitely urge you not to. Do not have a baked potato. Those zesty Italian low calorie salad dressing only have 5 calories per tablespoon. If you’ve eaten your quota needed of soup for the day, you can eat your fruits (when allowed) and veggies at anytime and as much as you want till you’re full. Day 4 Monounsaturated Fat 10 g If losing between 10 and 17+ lbs in 7 days is not a booster to lose more and lead a better life style, then nothing is. Each cup of raspberries contains about 8 grams of dietary fiber which is more than 1/3 of your total daily need. Hence why I only eat between a 10 to 12 ounce steak on day 5 and 6. I’ll start next week again and hope that i’ll lose this 5 kg that I’m fighting for 😣. For example pepper/a little salt? Every diet out there no matter by what name they are called, all have one basic core rule, eat at least 6 meals a day, 4 meals 2 snacks. To answer your question, you put everything in your pot (all ingredients) and then you add water enough to cover everything. << I tried that variant once or twice and even though I love garlic, I can't seem to enjoy it with the garlic, so no garlic for me. Can I use chicken broth instead of beef broth. People who have more to lose, will lose the biggest amount in 7 days (if they stick to it). The fiber will made you feel full longer. Try it again and let me know if it works? The fifth week was definitely hard and even though it was the least weight I lost, it was worth it big time for me. Hi Gloria, Honey would be a no and garlic would be a yes. So don’t worry yourself about the exercise. I also enjoy fresh lime juice, to ‘up’ the taste. Or Salad Elagance both very good on veg. When u eat the raw veggies can u dip it in ranch dressing. Also exercise every day. Working together and helping one another with shared experiences and results, can only help improve future success stories. 1 bunch of celery Maybe my metabolism is bored with the diets…because i have a long time doing diets and i don’t understand why i lose weight so slowly. During the diet, your scale can be your own worst enemy. Right now, you need to reset your metabolism and start fresh and new in about 7-10 days. Will let everyone know the progress. Felt and looked great so went out on a Bing for about 2 months. Zero calorie, zero sugar, zero soduium etc, Lost 18lb in one week Be sure to eat the soup at least once today. Wow! And as for your exercise, yes you absolutely can, but keep the first 4 days to a minimum. So, just eat 3 during that day. I am on day 3. So far I’ve lost 8 lbs. Thank you again,very helpful every information you give 😁 If I have any other question during my diet I will contact you,thank you 😍 I wish you the best 😁, Sara J My to go spice is lemon pepper on steamed vegetables. When did you start noticing the weight loss? Hi aSHLEY, Dave, while on this diet, don’t do too much exercise as you will burn muscle more than body fat. That I cannot help you with, so you’ll have to find the right ingredient to compensate for the meat protein. For those who took the time to read my previous long comments and this one, here’s the facts you need to know. I tried the diet 3 years ago and a few times in between….I lost 17 pds the first time. Because the second time was actually easier than the first time. Hi Barbara, 4 small meals a day plus 2 snacks with right proportions of food groups and daily calorie intake of 1250 max total each day. Like I said previously, many also did this diet and followed it to a “T” but didn’t get the end results they hoped/expected after going through the hardship of this diet. 6:00 pm ; large bowl of soup till you’re full In day five I don’t like tomatoes is there something else I can substitute. Good healthy cleansing! Season with salt, pepper curry, parsley, if desired, or bouillon, hot or Worcestershire sauce. Keep it Healthy: Enjoy your soup on the thicker side? Good liquids to complete your gallon a day (minimum) are, OCEAN”S SPRAY DIET cranberry juice (10 calories per 250 ml and 0 sugar) Keep posting your progress and results, it will help you and others on here. Yes, chicken or fish, no more than 10 ounces on day 5 and no more than 12 ounces day 6. ... A fast and tasty recipe to kick-start your diet. Tips: If desired, peel tomatoes before chopping. Good luck and best wishes to all!!! When the temperatures outside are icy, few things are more satisfying than a piping-hot bowl of homemade soup. Protein 0 g In addition to chicken noodle soup, it comes with a collection of heartwarming stories inside the book, “Chicken Soup … the good thing is I’m not constantly hungry anymore. There are many lemon water recipe cleanse on youtube or google. Second time I’ve used it. I do work and can not eat every 2 hours. He knows about those kind of soup diet but never recommended to anyone or had someone (a patient) actually do any of them. And it was very enjoyable. Had some small headaches but take excedrine w/ caffeine. My concern is the exercise part. This hearty soup calls for barley, which offers many health benefits. Thank you! BIGGEST TIP OF ALL: Only weigh yourself day 1 early morning, before eating or drinking anything and don’t touch that scale till day 8 early morning before eating or drinking anything. I think the fact that on day 7, I hardly had 1 bowl of soup left and it was a small bowl. Hope you got through it. I’m not sure if this is due to the rapid eight loss or something else. You’ll burn muscle rather than body fat. You need minimum of 3 large bowls of soup on first day with your low calorie fruits. Your success in the end will be thanks enough. Leave the scale alone! 2 weeks ago my starting weight was 221.6 and after 7 days I weighed myself on the morning of day 8 and had lost 16.4 and lost a bit more for 16.8 on day 9th. Fresh Ginger being the best out of any other way of usage.

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