As these flakes readily split open, when a piece of this iron is broken rupture passes through them, with the result that, even though the graphite may form only some 3% of the mass by weight (say to% by volume), practically nothing but graphite is seen in the fracture. 2. The truth is that even though you have a good idea on the teenager's style, he or she may still not like what you purchase. Remember, even though a home pregnancy test may claim to be accurate as soon as five days prior to your next menstruation date, the test will be significantly more accurate if you wait until a week after your missed period. The cultivation of the potato in England made but little progress, even though it was strongly urged by the Royal. "Smart," he repeated, even though she hadn't spoken it. When DIC occurs, the individual bleeds abnormally even though there is no history of coagulation abnormality. It can appear very elegant, even though it's far from the traditional white. Even when the interview went terribly yesterday, Cheryl got the job.Not Correct This sentence is incorrect because the interview did not go terribly more than one time. who serve their fellows, are the brethren of Christ, even though they do not call him Lord (Mark iii. Thus it is held that it is not the duty of a servant to infringe a moral law even though his master should command it. ("But" should only be used in the middle of a sentence.) As such, you can often find dresses for babies that feel brand-new, even though they may be fifty or more years old. Should it attack the predator. It is common to go to confession, even though there are only venial sins to be confessed; and in order to excite contrition people are sometimes advised to confess over again some mortal sin from which they have been previously absolved. If an organic item is dyed with the less expensive chemical dyes, it will contain toxins even though it is organic. Even though certain persons desired to deceive me after the flesh, yet the spirit is not deceived, being from God; for it knoweth whence it cometh and where it goeth, and it searcheth out the hidden things. Some people with retinoblastoma have inherited a non-functioning or missing RB1 gene from either their mother or father even though their parents have never developed retinoblastoma. It is therefore less than the motion in an absolutely rigid spheroid in the proportion RP': RP. " We lost the championship game, though we played really well. " Heat rises and even though the room may feel comfortable, up a few more feet could easily be a bit too warm to safely put your wine. An alcoholic can also experience all these symptoms, even though they may have to consume more alcohol before they become apparent. Although/even though he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car. Deidre had the sense of speaking a different language, even though she understood his words. The book reveals a strong personality and helps us to know the man and his teaching, even though we have to gather his own views largely from his criticism of his antagonists. Synonyms for even though include although, despite the fact, despite the fact that, in spite of the fact that, though, albeit, allowing that, as much as, even when and … Xeon, even though it taxes system like no other program, is thought to be the best emulator of those out there because of it's capabilities. A couple of business suits are a perfect addition to your career wear wardrobe even though they cost a little more than separates initially. My lips are medium (not super thin, but nowhere near Angelina Jolie's gorgeous pout) so even though the plumping wasn't intense, it was enough for me. Many online retailers or auction sites sometimes sell systems, even though they are new, for $10 to $20 more than the suggested retail price. So, if you like Britney Spears, you may very well like her line of fragrances, even though they're not actually created by her. offspring), and " Bel is the giver of a name," form the model for names with deities as the first element followed by MU-MU, even though the model may not be consistently followed in all cases. Unfortunately, even though these dual lip gloss sets are the cat's meow, it's actually rather difficult to find one that contains a liner! One of the peculiarities of it was the count - even though the music was almost always in 4/4 time, the dance started on the "and of three". "Even though" is simply a stronger version of "though" and "although". Night vision is an impressive optical technology that is able to take very faint, existing light and electronically magnify it so that you can see the world around you even though it is very dark. The land was not denuded, and the fact that " some scores of thousands of Jews remained in Judah through all the period of the exile," 3 even though they were " the poorest of the land," revolutionizes ordinary notions of this period. However, even though they can be very helpful, there are pros and cons to applying for jobs found in search engines. Also, even though you have your Certificate Deposit as collateral, that doesn't mean that Citibank can't ultimately send your account to a collections agency. Here is what I do know; it can be very dangerous for your dogs to hang their heads out the car windows, even though you know they love so very much to do just that. 1911, even though his successor was to be the Duke of Connaught. In the Philippines, the main drawback is even though you can maintain a high quality of living, there are always a lot of unknowns. use Even though in a sentence. For which you blame me, even though you destroyed her! (9th ed.) Second, even though your cat doesn't appear to have fleas, parasites or fungi can still be possibilities. Pop up campers are a financial investment, even though they are less expensive than full size trailers. As an added bonus, the kills you make will go towards your experience even though your summoned creatures did majority of the damage. On the diet I would chomp my way through breakfast. He saw the logic, even though he didn't want to. It seems you're in a constant powerslide even though you're going straight. It is usually a good idea to avoid artificial materials like rayon, polyester, or nylon, even though they may look shiny and stretchy. In other words, if the teenager fails to make a payment the responsibility legally falls onto the parents, even though they did not make purchases on the cards. In place of ‘however’ or ‘but’ “I do not usually drink coffee, though I’ve had 2 cups today.” Used after a … However, you will still have to take a 2010 RMD by December 31, 2010, which the IRS will count as your "second" RMD, even though you didn't take a "first" one for 2009. They have tabs from every album except the band's newest release, and even though they feature more guitar tabs than bass tabs, there are some bass tabs offered for each album listed. It has been introduced in all schools, so that nearly all education is given in Croatian, even though a knowledge of Italian is quite essential for the maritime population; and it is only in one or two towns, such as Zara, the ancient capital of the country, that Italian is able to maintain itself. They introduce a dependent clause that needs to be attached to an independent clause. Even though a bike may look cosmetically in good condition, or even though it might have passed your inspection, it's important to know whether or not the owner actually took good care of the bike. They can all be used at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence. Sentence Examples. There was no way he would admit it, but his personal scenario matched Fred O'Connor's to a tee, even though his practical side was embar­rassed to even consider the possibility. So even though organic baby food may cost an average of 30 percent more than non-organic varieties, parents obviously feel that the extra cost is worth it. Remember, even though you rescued one dog from this place, there are probably dozens of others there in desperate need of help. After all, even though the holidays can be stressful, try to remember that these people (for the most part) truly love you and want to see you happy. of France, and the refusal to receive his ambassador, even though the king had formally abjured Calvinism. Smile though … Let’s take a look at these examples.Let’s imagine I just bought a camera and the camera was expensive. It's not all about looking at the world through rose-colored lenses, even though a good skiing trip could turn you into the life-loving optimist. I can talk to Donnie even though he can't talk back to me. I could express that in a few different ways. I did, Carmen — even though the need for forgiveness only existed in my mind. Even though is a slightly stronger form of 'although'. The good news is even though you may not like him, it doesn't mean you and he can't be good parents. Engelhardt (Les Protectorats anciens et modernes) and other writers on the subject have collected a large number of instances in antiquity in,which a true protectorate existed, even though the name was not used. Keep in mind that even though it is called casual, there are some things you should not wear. This immediate consciousness of freedom persists upon another occasion even though subsequent reflection upon conduct should lead the individual to regard himself as determined at the very moment when he was aware of himself as free. It's difficult to see even though in a sentence. He doesn't know I know, and blamed his rudeness for "family problems" even though earlier he said it was something else. At any rate, even though we should lack bread, it is better to die of hunger than on the gallows.". So, even though dreams might not always make sense, they appear to serve a vital purpose. "I do care about you, Damian, even though you're a total jackass," she said. In this lesson we look at the adverb side of it, when it’s mainly used for emphasis. She has brought you here, and even though I cannot destroy you traitors, others can. It is found that, even though the earth were no more elastic than steel, its yielding combined with the mobility of the ocean would make this ratio about 2 :3, resulting in an increase of the period by one-half, making it about 457 days. It can emphasize a word, a phrase or a clause beginning with a word like if, as or though. Her cheeks were pale and puffy, even though emaciated. Use: Understanding how you'll use your camera plays an important part in the selection process, even though that use may evolve over time. She wouldn't even speak to him. They required humouring, and their march discipline was very elastic. She turned her hair back to long pink as she walked, self-conscious about Gabriel seeing her tattoos even though he already knew about them. However, even though the innate temperament of a person cannot be modified, understanding the factors that influence the development of personality disorders (such as genetic risks and environmental factors) may help prevention. On the other hand, some people believe that it is safer to cook the meat before feeding it to their dogs, even though this will compromise some of the nutrients. Doing all this and more can help you not only prepare well for enjoying a stress-free maternity leave, but it can also show your boss that you are a seriously efficient and responsible employee even though you're taking leave. My sister's piano skills continued to surpass mine, even though we practiced the same amount. Now I'm wondering if I should talk to him or let him go -- even though he was my first actual boyfriend. Of course, it's normal to get sick a few times each year; however, if you have a cold that just won't quit even though you've been fighting it for weeks, you might want to take a look at how much you're sleeping. Not only were the persons who were to constitute each Parlement named in advance, but those who were not placed on this list, even though vassals or prelates, were excluded from judging cases. the learned differed; therefore he could not fairly be blamed for following any opinion that rested on the authority of even a single doctor; therefore his confessor must be authorized to hold him guiltless if any such " probable" opinion could be produced in his favour; nay, it was his duty to suggest such an opinion, even though opposed to his own, if it would relieve the conscience under his charge from a depressing burden. Despite the rain, we enjoyed the festival. Prototypes like these are not typically released to the public, even though they may be created for a wide range of games. This is why most people opt for infrared goggles, because even though they don't work quite as well as the expensive electronic goggles, they do work. I realized he has no intention of letting me go even though he promised it. Keep in mind that even though it is called casual Friday, you should follow the basic standards of dress and still maintain a sense of business place attire. "Even though" is simply a stronger version of "though… Sentences Menu. They are beliefs in things of a sort; for, after all, ideas and names are things; their objects, even though non-existent, are at all events things conceivable or nameable; and therefore we are able to make judgments that things, non-existent but conceivable or nameable, are (or are not) determined in a particular manner. We have the clothes, even though they're pretty nondescript. All are influenced, even though unconsciously, by them. This example was followed by lesser magnates, who styled themselves loosely, or were so styled by the chroniclers, " princes," even though they had little claim to independent sovereignty. 2. Example sentences: " I went to school, though I really wanted to stay home. " I will go there even if it rains. L.Ron Hubbard believed that people are influenced by early experiences, even though we don't consciously remember those experiences. But in battle the "thinking bayonets" resolutely obeyed orders, even though it were to attack a Marye's Hill, or a "Bloody Angle," for they had undertaken their task and would carry it through unflinchingly. Even I can't believe that. For instance, your home is an asset because even though you are spending income on a mortgage today, you may be able to sell your home for a profit in the future. The agreement protects your interests even though the account is in collections. Even though the frame styles cannot be tried on via the net, sizing information & assistance is available on the site and many searching options are available to 'narrow your search'. Some psychologists prefer to restrict the term to the narrower use which excludes all mental states in which particulars are cognized, even though the universal be present also. Simply put, if a dog will not eat it in the wild, then it doesn't go into the mix.Dogs are carnivores by design, even though they will eat other food sources when the opportunity arises. it is severely and strictly forbidden to all members of the Society to interfere in any manner whatever in public affairs even though they be thereto invited; or to deviate from the institute through entreaty, persuasion or any other motive whatever.". While fresh picked Maqui berries are full of healthful nutrients, the nutritional benefits may be diminished in processing even though Maqui juice and supplements are manufactured following strict FDA guidelines. They introduce a dependent clause that needs to be attached to an independent clause. 3. Physicians may frequently prescribe many of the SSRI antidepressants besides fluoxetine (Prozac) for children to treat depression, even though they have not been approved for this use by the FDA. Once baby has arrived, continue to let your older child help you as often as possible, even though it might take a little extra effort and patience on your part. Baur has had tremendous influence, even though many of his positions have been generally discredited. 1. Preschoolers will go out of their way to think and act like their friends, even though they know it may go against what they have been taught by their parents. Even though he's very old, he's healthy. I can't stop thinking about him even though it hurts to think about him. Likewise, you cannot replace “though” with “although” in a sentence that reads, “Things were about … Mom was not allowed to eat or drink anything after she was admitted to the hospital, even though she needed the sustenance for the hard work she was doing. Food intolerance is often put into the same category as food allergy, even though there may be an entirely different mechanism involved. She tried to remain cheerful even though she had failed the test. Because computer users really didn't know any better, the game was a fairly decent success even though none of the graphics looked anything like the signature characters or imagery from the popular Batman comic book stories. LTK: Even though you can get them at a discount, colored contact lenses are not known for being inexpensive. But it didn't make sense, even though I think Shipton himself continued to believe that's how he fell. A note of advice: even though the pricing is suppose to be over at a specified time, chances are that the price is in effect until they sell out. The most melancholy thing in life is a farewell between those in love. Size: Even though the point of a designer litter box is to have something cute, you'll still want a litter pan that is functional for your cat. Many cats and dogs can share the same type of bed, which is why pet retailers may not always offer sleepers specifically labeled as cat beds even though they can serve that function perfectly well. Electric only drive or, does it use only electric power even though gas and electric engines and motors are combined? It's nice, though. Truth will out, even if buried in a golden coffin. These children will only eat a few bites even though they might be very hungry. She didn't even try to help. The storm became even more violent. I will always be, even if love pale. Luckily, most of this work can still be seen in museums today even though many of the artists are gone. I'm pleased Martha trusted us enough to confide in us, even though now I have to take my hat in my hand and talk Jake Weller into spelunking after a skeleton. If you are one of the many fans of Sims 2, then you probably know that even though the game was originally launched in 2004, by 2008 Electronic Arts had sold over 100 million copies. though example sentences. That is, they are affected even though they have only one changed copy. For example, instead of thinking “I am a poor test taker and even though I studied I will do badly on the test” think “I studied hard and am ready to do the best I can on the test”. Bear in mind that even though a weed killer may be organic, it does not always mean it will not damage the environment at all. ), even though their numbers have been reduced by the elevation of the Sponges or Porifera to the rank of an independent Phylum under the title Parazoa (W. Don't forget Gladys Turnbull was registered, too, even though I think she stayed in her room. Although definition is - in spite of the fact that : even though. Online Classifieds: Some people may discover that even though they found the Wii Fit, they may learn that it is not the game for them. It is vital to remember that even though a textbook is a file on the computer rather than a hardback on a student's desk, that it will provide a wealth of information necessary for completing your courses. Small though the island is, Malta has a long and rich history. Anyone who's played a Castlevania game remembers the Belmont, the cursed blood-lineage that has the power to hunt and defeat Dracula even though the pesky bugger keeps on reappearing throughout history. Hydraulic mining has for the most part been confined to the country of its invention, California, and the western territories of America, where the conditions favourable for its use are more fully developed than elsewhere - notably the presence of thick banks of gravel that cannot be utilized by other methods, and abundance of water, even though considerable work may be required at times to make it available. Most people have anywhere from three to five REM cycles per night where dreams are experienced, and even though they aren't always remembered, dreams may be important. Close friends and family can often become frustrated and distant even though the addict desperately needs their help. Clients tend to love airbrush makeup because even though it feels incredibly lightweight, it actually covers imperfections and evens skin tone and can last for 12 hours or more depending on the formula. 3 people chose this as the best definition of though: Despite the fact that; al... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Remember that these homes are for sale "as is," and even though they may have been inspected, it may be in your best interest to obtain a private home inspection before making an offer or bid. At the new Victoria station (London) of the London, Brighton & South Coast railway - which is so long that two trains can stand end to end at the platforms - this system is extended so as to permit a train to start out from the inner end of a platform even though another train is occupying the outer end. This, however, could not as yet be recognized by the friends of prophecy, even though it seemed for a time as if the claims of book religion were rebuffed by facts. It's a classy take on the standard dressy updo - even though the hair is held lower here, it still carries all the grace of a Hepburn-like updo. Although and though have the same meaning and are interchangeable in most cases. Even though is a conjunction and there's a grammar myth that sentences cannot be started with conjunctions. Dean reluctantly agreed it was a clever idea even though he thought it was a waste of time. 232. It's difficult to see even if in a sentence. And handguns remain freely available even though ownership is highly regulated. He was the man she had always dreamed of, even though she had not met him yet. The halls narrowed and sloped, and he knew he'd been this way before even though he didn't remember when. More Example Sentences: Even if you are tired, please come. It doesn't even weigh a full pound even though it's dual-ocular. - Of Leibnitz's immediate followers we may mention Lessing, who in his Education of the Human Race brought out the truth of the process of gradual development underlying: human history, even though he expressed this in a form inconsistent with the idea of a spontaneous evolution. Unfortunately, some communities feel it is no longer cost-effective to recycle, even though in the long run, this will prove inaccurate. They could do their own cooking, even though it wouldn't be as nice. But now we have Halo, even though I go back to my roots with Quake. I will always love, even if you are not. Land which belongs or would belong to a child as heir at law or customary heir need not be brought in to the common fund, even though such land was given during the father's life. 24. In many, perhaps in most, cases the general health of the infected animal seems to be unimpaired, even though the. Her initial soiling has probably become a habit, and even though you can't smell the urine, she probably can due to her much higher sense of smell. That crash came even though the economy was in good shape. The show was a success, and even though there were creative disagreements with one of the principal performers, it was a fertile womb for the next wave of Irish cultural performance. ), " upon that exposition and read it, I gave thanks to God that the Church of Rome was rightly and blamelessly making confession, even though they happened'to be against me personally.". See examples of Even though in English. And even though it closed its doors after 80 years in 2002, memories from this long-running family theme park, which originally touted the name LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park, remain strong. use "even though" in a sentence. The Gosselin divorce is nearing its finale, even though Jon came to the proceedings bearing roses. Flash mirror coatings have reflective molecules spread further apart, so people can partially see your eyes, even though the lens surface is still highly reflective. Tiger checks out of rehab in Mississippi, even though people claim to have spotted him everywhere from Manhattan to the Bahamas. For Example, The Bore Of The Tube Is No Longer A Matter Of Indifference, Even Though The Attachment Of The Drop Occurs Entirely At The Outer Edge. All are influenced, even though unconsciously, by them. Maybe it's because it's a personal matter and even though he is a celebrity, some things are still meant to be kept private. = But I don't mind. Our male is always sniffing her and trying to mount her, even though it has been six weeks since her heat ended. On the other hand… As funny as it may sound, even though I feel as if I'm wearing a ton of makeup, my eyes lack the dramatic look I usually get from my regular eyeliners. About 90% of women will get a positive result the first day after they miss their period--but 10% of women will test negative even though they are pregnant. I had to get mine off of Ebay, but I got them at a reasonable price, even though they are collector's items. How to use even though in a sentence. He was forced to attend classes to appear with the troupe and even though he wasn't enthusiastic about these studies at the time, they were instrumental in helping him achieve his breakthrough role. Many brides benefit from selecting plus size colored wedding dresses, and ivory is a favorite even though this color choice may have emerged by chance, along with the nostalgia of family heirlooms. The show does not commit to how many ticket vouchers they are able to give out each week, and so even though the tickets are free, you will have to count on a little luck to get them in your hands. The sleeper may twist around in bed or sit up and cry out as a result of their fear, often with their eyes wide open in a stare, even though they remain asleep. It's also important to offer to give a two-week notice even though you are an independent contraction. In most cases the child will bring up water that is offered during the acute phase of an attack even though he or she may be very thirsty. It also seemed perfectly reasonable to take the 1962 Nash Metropolitan for a spin around the block, even though it didn't have brakes either. It's important to remember that even though outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand the elements, they can get damaged and degraded. Many people neglect this part of their feng shui applications, focusing on other areas of the home or not realizing they can apply the same basic principles to their workplace, even though it may be part of a large building complex. He is bound to warrant the lessee against, and to indemnify him for, any loss arising from any faults or defects in the thing hired which prevent its use, even though he was not aware of them at the time of the lease (Art. Her body jolted in recognition as their bodies met, even though his face was shadowed. Even though definition is - —used as a stronger way to say 'though' or 'although'. And he'd walked away from her, even though she was serious about sleeping with him. Do you live paycheck to paycheck even though you earn a good salary that you know should be more then enough for your needs? Even though only 7 percent of the world has a temperate climate, nearly half of the world's people live in these areas. 2. always listen to your heart because even though it's on your left side, it's always right. “I already ate. Alex was hurting, and even though she wasn't the cause, there was nothing she could do to help.

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