Much better than purple, Casper, etc. After meticulous research on mattresses I decided on latex. I have a king split mattress that is so comfortable. I was so glad I decided to order it! The Latex bed is the fourth bed and the most comfortable so far. It's easy to set up, comfortable beyond words, and has helped alleviate my partner's chronic back pain. We tried and returned 3 mattresses over three months from a very expensive Aireloom mattress with a very fluffy top to a top of the line Sealy to a Beautyrest and they all had problems with deep impressions from where my husband and I sleep and were all too hot. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. I could not be happier. A quality mattress won’t be useful if it leaves you with a rash or falls apart after six months. With Coolmax technology, it ensures any moisture does not stick around to the skin, but is absorbed by the mattress to help it evaporate quicker. They are so comfortable that we wouldn't consider any other brand. I also got full bedding and several pillows made of the same awesome latex. We bought the king size to replace a queen bed. 38 reviews of My Sleep Mattress "This place is awesome! I will update on the ease of the layer exchange and a problem I had with a pillow cover. With our old mattress both my wife and I would both wake up a little stiff most mornings. Very comfortable with outstanding customer service. SleepEZ had no problem at all. Setup was a little daunting at first because I’ve never built a bed, but it actually was quite easy! We recently bought an organic latex mattress from SleepEZ. At Sleep Advisor, we review much more than mattresses. My overall experience was excellent, from the … Organic Latex Mattress. Sleepy's Mattress is a wholly owned Mattress Firm brand and mattress in a box offering for a very competitive price. Only room for improvement that I could find was exploring use of a perforated plastic or adding a pull tab assist in opening the foam wraps. This mattress is a medium-firm in terms of the feel, and most customers like it at first. It wasn’t it was $30 for the new more firm layers to ship & that included the return shipping & even better than that the sales guy actually called me to make sure to help me out. In the end, the original layer reappeared and actually arrived a day before the replacement, but even w that happening, they're orchestrating the return. It's only been a few weeks, but so far we're very satisfied. Husband's 90% better. Sleep EZ focuses on providing excellent materials and has GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and GOTS certifications for the foams that they use. The cons: Customers who don't love the feel of latex may not do well with these mattresses. I have not had any back pains since sleeping on this mattress. The cons: Not 100% latex or without toxicity, which is a big selling point for latex mattresses. The mattress is flippable with a medium and a firm side, which will fit most sleepers. These latex mattresses are good so far (about 4 weeks in). Customer service of this caliber just doesn't exist anymore! And so the final layer of my new bed stationed out not in CA while the other 2 layers arrived in 2 days. So very satisfied with my bed and this company! MySleep Furniture Corporation 95 INGRAM DRIVE, TORONTO, ON Cell: 416- 319- 8851, STORE TEL. Forgot what sleeping well felt like. I know latex isn't for everybody and can be a little pricier, but this one's awesome. The video on the website is helpful. There is no one I’ve ever bought anything from that does this. We'll go through their adult mattresses in depth below talking about the ins and outs of the features to help you figure out which one is right for you or your family. This is the best mattress we have ever had & we have had no adjustment transition period to get used to & I did decide to swap out our top layer of firmness to get more firm & they were completely so easy! All models offer dual firmness and sleep tracking technology. With our new mattress that is no longer the case! Hopefully last a long time. There is some motion transfer—the first night with the new mattress, I dreamt I was on a boat (from my husband rolling over throughout the night). This is what makes Coolmax such a popular fabric to use in both clothing and in mattress covers. We asked the website to choose but I think next time will jus go with the firm on all three layers, After doing months of research (who knew buying a mattress was so hard!) It is soft enough but you are not sinking in it. I found this to be the cheapest site to buy from (despite the fact that I live in Canada). Highly recommended. The quicker it is able to evaporate; the faster it takes for you to dry. It's soft enough to be very comfortable and has plenty support. And very, very pleased with the company. I have artificial hips, shoulders, and one knee. The natural latex bed I ordered for my son arrived promptly and was everything I hoped it would be. The pros: High quality latex mattress with all-organic materials and firmness customization. Highly recommend this place if interested in safer, non-toxic mattresses and bedding. With my old mattress (even though it was less than 3 years old) many nights I would have to get up and take pain medication just to sleep. The customer service is also top notch. We're both happy with what we chose! Steve was so patient and helpful. They give you 90 days to make sure you have what you want. Thank you, SleepEZ! Would recommend it to all. It is a Class A product and I highly recommend it to everyone. We've only been sleeping on it a few weeks but the early results are excellent. A majority of mattresses incorporate polyfoam, and the Sleep Number foam feels like the non-sinky kind used in the Tuft & Needle, a mattress we tested for our foam and hybrid mattress … You will love Pure Green™ if you: Want to try all-natural latex – This material is packed with potential to change up your sleep experience, but a full-size mattress can be quite cost prohibitive, especially with more eco-friendly and natural materials. Excellent customer service! Even so, the mattress does not maintain its shape along the edges over time and that requires the 3 pieces to be rearranged fairly often which in turn requires frequent lifting and tugging and the risk of tearing the latex. My wife is 135lb and I'm 195lbs - we both love the mattress and have been sleeping very well - great temperature and great support! layer: Dunlop Med -Top layer: Talalay soft Plush top isn't soft enough or plush top!? The mattress was relatively easy to assemble, although I do need to admit it th...Read More Read more aboutat it's not as easy if you don't read the instructions. My wife has severe back issues and felt better just after getting our mattress. FREE Coupon codes too! Larry Kitchens in Norfolk Virginia. Second their warranty. So far so good. I sleep in all positions (on my back, sides, and abdomen). Thanks SleepEz!! It is also the most affordable with a queen size coming in at about $1,200 after delivery. Then when we called in our actual order, the customer service representative couldn't have been any more pleasant (I'm sorry, I can't remember her name!) Let’s start analyzing the Sleep Number reviews from the positive side of things. My husband and I initially bought a Tempurpedic Mattress with a money back guarantee - thank God. As I have only had 2 nights on the mattress, verdict isn't in yet, but it's lookin pretty comfortable so far. This is our second one, and I was so impressed with SleepEZ, I can’t say enough good things. The system is very versatile, with different layers and firmness can be combined. I opted for the 9" firm, firm firm on one side on my king and firm med firm on the other. Comfortable mattress. Well, it has been a little over 30 days, and I absolutely love it! I wholeheartedly recommend SleepEZ and their latex mattresses! Didn't detect any off gassing and have loved sleeping on this mattress. My husband and I needed different firmness levels and this was the perfect way to do it. The Pure Green Mattress is available in 9-inch and 7-inch profiles. i have also been waking up in a sweat so I am hoping the mattress isn't too warm for me. Top complaints and advantages are discussed in detail. Additionally, they manufacture the mattresses themselves, enabling them to pass on more value to customers. So far this has been a great experience. We couldn't be happier. If your back pain or joint pain persists, a switch to our latex mattress selections could help you significantly. These mattresses consist of 3 separate latex sheets which must be fit into a tight mattress cover. Mattress is super comfortable and has gotten rave reviews so far. We love the mattress and are sleeping much better. So we bought hte first one for his benefit. Excellent customer service, shipping, packing. Great experience from ordering, delivery, set up instructions and phone support. See how it all works here. Very happy slleper! I actually started with another small company that a friend recommended but they could not offer me the firmness I needed and suggested I look at Sleep EZ. Best mattress hands down in quality, price and tailored firmness. Sleep Number may be best known for its adjustable air beds, which are built in a way that either automatically adjusts to meet the sleeper’s needs (360® Smart Beds) or allows the sleeper to change the firmness and support of the bed with the touch of a button (Value Beds). My husband loves it too. Great innovation to be able to set up the firmness level of each side of the bed. I also like the ability to change the layers to adjust firmness. Written by Keith Cushner. Then, they went out of their way to send a replacement when Fedex definitely was at fault. Excellent support able to turn better than memory foam beds but somewhat firm. Like the organic version, you can opt to reconfigure your firmness layers at home, which can provide a dual-sided firmness for partners that don't agree. The mattress is very comfortable. I weigh 155 lbs. I performed an exhaustive review of all latex mattress companies, and found Sleep EZ to be by far the best value. 106 likes. Mattress Reviews by Budget. Very comfortable mattress!! And wisely was informed that I would not feel the "split" version and could have my husband have different layers on his side. The jury is still out on whether I'll swap the soft top layer for a medium one, but probably not. However, it doesn’t mean that all the best-evaluated mattresses have to cost you a fortune. MYSLEEP durability will keep you satisfied year after year. Cart 0. Could not ask for more! There are multiple types of mattresses in the market that come with different qualities and, of course, price tags. Seriously, I expected to like it, but my husband likes it too. I cannot get over how comfortable this bed is. We absolutely love our new mattress. Best Decision!! I am so happy I did. How We Review Mattresses ️ Our testing team has conducted more than 1,200 hours of product testing on hundreds of different mattress brands to select the best brands for our readers. We bought this config in case your wondering - Xfirm, Firm, and Medium. I ended up calling and walking through my size, sleep styles etc and am so glad I did because I was counseled out of what I thought I wanted (three layers of extra firm!) With the nice zippered cover, you don't feel the seam at all. A detailed comparison of the different models is provided, includiing Classic, Performance, and Innovation series. The mattress is wonderful, a perfect blend of support and comfort. Mattress & furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. I messaged them & figured it would be such a hassle ! I liked the delivery, the packaging, And the way the cover keeps everything in place. ️ We use the same 6-point testing procedure and 8-point evaluation in our Mattress Lab for every single mattress we test. That moisture is then spread out thinly across the fabric to enable it to evaporate faster. For the last 12 years, we’ve had a high end memory foam mattress—so my experience is in comparison. Relieved a lot of back issues.. I’m very happy with my ourchase. Lots of sleepless nights and pain in the morning. As others have pointed out, it would be almost impossible to return the mattress because once it is removed from the vacuum sealed bags that it is delivered in, it is impossible to but it back into the containers. (Sleeping easy), Haven’t slept this well in years. Ordering the split layers also made it easier to handle. We use these results to generate our Mattress Advisor Score. We collected different categories of budget-friendly beds as well as luxurious options based on online mattress reviews. The Sleep EZ Natural Latex Mattress has many of the same exciting features as the organic version. Product arrived on time and as expected. I also love the sheets and pillows as well, and the pillow also took several nights to get used to, but now I love it, and so does my husband! I did not get a good nights sleep and most nights ended up in our guest bedroom. I would highly recommend an organic latex mattress from Sleep EZ. We tried 3 different beds the last 2 were Temper pedic. Love the mattress. I fully, highly recommend it from personal experience. So when I needed one for another bed I didn't shop around. I discovered latex was the way to go for me. Delightfully firm. But if you're looking for a mattress that offers good support and is still extremely comfortable, this is a fantastic option. Those guys will work with you in resolving any issues and their recommendations are noteworthy as well. Sleep Like The Dead reviews and rates the Sleep Number (Select Comfort) bed based on over 1740 actual consumer experiences. Below are some memory foam reviews that are made in America and are a great value. It is a little more work to put a king size mattress together due to the size, but worth it. I will be a lifetime customer. A very comfortable mattress. Our ratings and recommendations are determined by a combination of in-house-testing, customer experiences, and insider knowledge — resulting in accurate and comprehensive reviews. Having been in family-business since 1976, one of Sleep EZ's selling points is having the experience to make 'safe mattresses for the family.' Purchasing the mattress was great: I was able to speak to a real person when I had questions and after purchasing online they had a rep call me to verify all the information and give me details about how my mattress was getting shipped. But other then that its PERFECT! And not last, outstanding interaction with the SleepEZ representatives. THANK YOU, SLEEPEZ!! Retail of mattresses and furniture. Husband has lumbar DJD. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Price isn’t always the only defining factor when it comes to mattress shopping, but it certainly plays a role. Do you have something to say about your Sleep Inc mattress? Thank you Sleep EZ for making such a wonderful bed. It is also a normal height. We recently purchased a 10" organic all natural talalay mattress with 3 layers (s,m,f). Unlike other review sites, the Slumber Yard team personally tests and assesses each sleep product on YouTube and our website through a series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to honesty and authenticity. using 9" latex mattress for adjustable frames. The mattress comes with all natural latex and cotton / wool blend exterior. I started with Consumer Reports, which rates Casper's mattress very highly. Great (incredibly great) customer service. Comfortable mattress. With a bad back at times, I needed extra-firm - many mattress companies don't have those materials in Dunlop and organic and won't cut to special size accurately. Getting the boxes into our place and putting the mattress was a little tricky, but only because we have a California king and Sleep EZ obviously was trying to make it as easy as possible by labeling everything clearly and providing instructions. I can sleep through the night without waking up to pee, therefore, not sleepy during the day!!! The main difference is that it doesn't use organic latex or organic cotton. Also the buying process was A+ and spot on! Search. The mattress was a little too firm at first, but after a week it was perfect. It's on a adjustable base. The pros: A lower priced latex-focused mattress with a flippable firmness. The Roma Latex mattress is the most affordable latex mattress option offered by Sleep EZ, but it is not completely all-natural. SleepEZ to the rescue! Not only was it the best price but the most helpful sales people in the company & even after purchase they wanted to make sure we were happy & comfortable ! Would not hesitate to recommend sleepez to anyone looking for a quality latex mattress for fair price. Sleep Number Mattress Reviews. July 31, 2019. I haven't slept this well in years. You can’t go wrong with this mattress. Shipping is very quick, and easy. Wonderful customer service for an awesome mattress. Have you ever gone to bed on a hot summer’s evening, feeling all sweaty, and found that your bed really doesn’t help to cool you down? Great customer service. My wife kept telling me we had to get a latex bed, as with her nerve disease she cannot get comfortable on anything else. The only complaint if I had one is that there is a little bit of compression over three years where we mostly lay. Recently purchased a mattress topper with cotton cover and wooden platform for my kid's beds. I walked in not knowing anything about the different choices between mattresses and he took the time to explain the best ones. Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. The Bottom Line. Purchased a King mattress, split. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Staff also very helpful. Now have friends that want one! We switched from a collapsed 2 year old (actually that mattress was already a warranty replacement for another collapsed Serta memory foam) Serta Coolgel memory foam mattress. It offers a firmer feel on one side and a more plush version on the flip side. Thank you for being the good guys. After 3 months my whife and I adjusted well to this mattress configuration. I get a better night's sleep. You see, the worst of this mattress is far superior to the old Sleep Number we got rid of! The best mattress can take many forms - a mattress in a box, a foam mattress, or a firm mattress. We replaced old standard king with new twin adjustable bases. We have no doubt that our mattress will serve us well and so will Sleep EZ. Feel better and sleep better on one of Mysleep mattresses. A topper might fit your budget better, while still giving you a taste of this material’s many benefits. I think we made a good choice with SleepEz. Very helpful with all my questions. It’s the only mattress our family will ever use and the only one I’d recommend without hesitation. Excellent purchasing experience. It comes with 3'' of latex on the top layer, 8'' pocketed coils beneath, and then 2'' of latex beneath the coils for a flippable experience. very good service, great price, good product. Sleep EZ Customer service is great too! Vaya keeps it simple when it comes to mattress construction, but don’t mistake their simplicity for poor quality. Sleep EZ mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for high quality latex mattresses at high value for the materials used. The feel is not for everyone, but for those that love latex, this mattress is very well done. It’s so comfortable, we just love our bed and now there’s no getting used to a different mattress. Very pleased with my mattresses. Me and my partner both love it ! Trusted Online Mattress Reviews 2020. Custermer service before the sale was excellent. The pros: A couple comfort options for this this flippable mattress with adjustable pillowtop. / box]. I wake up feeling so refreshed now. We're both very happy with the bed, as we have the level of firmness we both need. -Mid. What started out as a mattress we liked, became a mattress we loathed. I just purchased my house and the minute I got my keys, I called and ordered another of the same mattress for my new home. When I ordered this mattress, I was pleased with thte abiliaty tyo customoze both sides of my King size mattress. Original review Nov 2018 - I bought this mattress after doing a lot of research — I have had spinal surgeries and my Sleep Number mattress was not providing me with the support and softness that I needed. Ka-ching winner winner chicken dinner, I am not new to latex mattresses. I first started reviewing memory foam but after a lot of research, I decided against it. Sleep EZ provides 5 popular mattresses for adults. The folks at Sleep Ez were very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had. Mattress is very comfortable. I loved being able to customize each layer of my mattress — Thanks so much! A leading airbed manufacturer, Sleep Number offers a wide range of models in the Classic, Performance, and Innovation collections. We love this mattress. Additionally, the organic cotton cover for this pillowtop mattress is quilted. At one point there were so many layers that the bed was higher than my waist! Comprehensive comparisons are also provided. We Just gave it away as my wife is finally sleeping and I am more comfortable than I have ever been. The Coolmax fabric keeps you cool using unique fibres which allow breathability, and also disperses moisture to keep you dry during the night. We liked it so much we changed our king bed as well to the same thing - those two are now 3 years old, we just bought another bed to replace our last remaining regular mattress. Fast forward 3 1/2 years there is a 1 1/4 sag in the middle a 1/4 less than warranty level when measured but when you are laying on it its like you are in a trough and can barely roll out. Their prices reflect attention to high quality foam and are higher than many other online competitors. Thx Langsy. 50 lbs. Excellent overall experience. The wonderful sales team at SleepEz helped me select the perfect mattress for my wife and I. Easy to put inside the zippered casing. Latex mattresses are popular because they are hygienic, (usually) eco-friendly, and exceptional at providing pressure relief. I have already been giving out recommendations! Needs two to put it together, but its easy with four hands. Delivery was fast. The Sleep Number C2 Mattress is the most popular of the Sleep Number offerings. And I am delightfully satisfied. The Vaya Mattress is a memory foam mattress that contains two layers of foam. If you don’t have Coolmax technology, you can find that it’s a lot harder to get comfortable because there is nothing to draw the moisture away from you.

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