Sauté in sesame oil. They also come pre-sliced and frozen, but you need to soak those first). I so love reading your blog and finally I can give something back to you as a “thank you” for all the joy I’ve experienced from your writings. Hi Irene- I don’t give a hard and fast amount. And it is totally normal for the liquid to increase like that… I am so glad you are happy with your results. I think I’d take a pass on the bell peppers, personally, as I’m not sure how the flavour would work in there, but if you decide to give it a try, please let me know how it works out for you! overdoing garlic makes this stay on your breath more than usual., peeled. Thanks for taking the time to rate it! That makes me so happy, Jim!! Hi Bill- I’m not sure how that would work. Hey Ken! Did I do something wrong? If so, please post or send. Chile Pasilla. I placed it on the counter . Thank you. I don’t know why, but the addition of the gim just makes it so…oh my. I just ordered the Korean chili flakes that you recommended. That is the basis so please feel free to elaborate to your desire. Celery? and the kimchi is soft but still has some bite to it. I really like your recipe. Here's a simple recipe for Vegan Fish Sauce - that you can easily make at home. I made my “shelter in place” version. Awesome stuff! Do you add the brining liquid to the jars or once you’ve strained it you no longer use that? Super easy to make. Looks easy and I do love Kimchi anytime. It’s definitely a bit flakier. 99 ($18.99/Gram) Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Hi Alba- I don’t think you need to panic. Thanks Mary. I just bought some kimchi yesterday and have decided to make my own which is how I stumbled on your website. Green cabbage is much sturdier than napa and ferments differently. The amount of the spices is all to taste (I couldn’t get specific measurements from my mom–she kept saying “Taste it.” This should be freshly made each time but it will keep few days. Thanks so much, E! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. This is my first try. 2. Regards. Bonus, it is way easier to eat straight from the jar with a pair of chopsticks or a fork. Cut the napa cabbage in half longways, then in half again longways. Add water (about 1 part water to 1 kimchee–add more water to taste). I also add it to sushi bombs, nori cut into 1/4 sheets and filled by the individual with rice, lightly cooked kimchi, cooked egg, corned beef, smoked salmon, anything you would roll into sushi. Pour the chili paste combo over the cabbage and wear gloves to massage it all over the cabbage/carrots green onions so everything is completely covered. I’m surprised to see miso paste as an ingredient! I like how funky and bubbly it gets. Neither one of us is Korean. Hi Jan- I have never tried that. Hi Kristen- There are vegan “fish” sauces out there. In other words, you could have a kimchi river a-flowin’ on your counter top unless you take precautions. Gochujang. Would it be ok to reduce the amount of the chili to make a milder version? I wanna know the exact amount of spices and other ingredients for a certain amount of cabbage. Easy Kimchi: a Korean side dish of scallions & cabbage, seasoned w/salt, chili powder, chili flakes, garlic, fish sauce, & sugar. Looks great!? You can certainly grind your own chile peppers as long as they’re the ones gochugaru is made of! Brine: Rinse the cabbage well, then cut it into quarters, lengthwise. Hello, After fermenting for 72hrs, when I put it in the fridge can I then screw on the lid or does it have to stay loose???? Would this work with regular cabbage? This was THE BEST Kimchi I’ve ever tasted! It isn’t strictly necessary, but I find it kick starts the fermentation nicely because it is a fermented product itself! I’d highly recommend you try my Chickpea Tikka Masala (already vegan!) Chipotle peppers are made with dried and smoked red jalapeno peppers. . Is this okay? All of the guys who had been to Korea before were saying the whole country smelled and it was due to the kimchi. Can I leave out the miso paste and pear juice, and use the Gochujang paste instead? I just harvested a dozen large beautiful green cabbage from my garden, can I use that instead of Napa? amazingly enough i followed this super old-butt recipe from grandma’s grandma and man was that delish. Did you leave that step out? 4. I had two heads like the one above weighing in at about 3 pounds each. I am deaf hard of hearing impraid. Pour the cabbage and carrots and liquid into a strainer. I have 3 days before I get to eat this! I am looking forward to making this but I have a couple of questions. It looked spicy and delicious. The version that I get is also sliced but doesn’t have carrots in it. Hi Diana- I made this recipe to the letter including 20 cloves of garlic it is AMAZING I have made several different versions of Kimchi but this one is hands down the best. Is Korean chilli powder hot do I ad more to make it hotter or do I ad different peppers to make it hot kimchi. Can’t wit for 3 days to pass soon can dig in! Hooray, Debbi! When I click the white miso paste it doesn’t go to the miso paste that you recommend. Grilled Ham, Cheese, and Pickle Sandwiches. It’s hard to go wrong. I made this on the weekend and it was so salty like eating preserved vegetables. I’M PANICKING. Red Boat Fish Sauce, if you can find it, is one of the best brands you can buy. Thank you.. They are basically sauerkraut recipes with fish sauce and hot pepper. Rest assured it is substantially less than that! Your recipe was both fast and easy and produce wonderful kimchi. Love it plain, or on a train. Fish Sauce: Fish sauce has a funky taste and smell, but it’s an essential ingredient to Thai cooking—and this recipe. HI maangchi I try to make the kimchi from your recipe but i can’t find the 3 crab fish sauce in singapore, so i use the thai fish sauce but the fish sauce smell was too strong. The two most important factors in kimchi-making are the cabbage and the chili powder/flakes. I’m also having a difficult time finding fish sauce in the grocery store. I was in Korea in 1982 and 83 Stationed at Dong Da Chan, up buy the DMZ. OK great. Thank you! Place in a medium bowl and mix thoroughly with salt. Swap out the bread … Does this paste have a name? Only 17 left in stock - order soon. You don’t really want to loosen things up because the cabbage and carrots are going to give off liquid as they sit and get tasty. so, clever me, I got a can of pears in unsweetened juice and chucked the whole thing into the pepper paste. Thanks again for the quick response! I’ve never before seen unsweetened apple or pear juice…is there a way to substitute for that if I can’t find it in the grocery? I think that’s fine, Suzanne! Hi Onyinye! I have been told it can be used, but you’ll definitely want to adjust any other salty elements you use because gochujang is already salty. The smell and the flavour are wonderful. No nerve was hit. Could I just put a coffee filter over the top and secure with a rubber band? Interesting that a statement of fact would ruin the credibility of a recipe post for you. But a friend corrected me, you can’t use tap water (I didn’t understand that non-chlorinated water means it had to be distilled). Thanks so much for letting me know you love the recipe. Should I store the brine water in a jar or justmade regular ol’ salt water as needed? Was your room temperature pretty warm? Thanks for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know you love it, Mentari! I went to make the paste and realized I did not have Korean chili powder. Step 5 in your recipe: Sink your teeth into this chewy Kimchi Seafood Pancake and savor the taste of succulent fresh prawns amidst the soft, starchy pancake with each bite. I would always end up with bubbly rotten cabbage :-( bleh… But! I put dakon radish in once just for the heck of it but it isn’t needed. Kim chi is delicious.., but NO fish sauce for me! You can omit the apple juice with good results, but I don’t think I’d add vinegar. Hi Matt- Thanks so much. I grated the carrots to save time (also from a different recipe). Put the brined cabbabe/carrots in a big, anti-reactive (glass, enamel, or stainless steel) bowl. I love kimchi, but I can’t handle much spice because I’m a big pansy. I prefer it this way with the cabbage chopped – it makes it a lot easier to eat it straight out of the jar : ) And makes the recipe a lot faster (than rubbing the paste onto the leaves, traditional style). Every day, you’ll insert a clean chopstick or butterknife into the jar to help release air bubbles and top the jar off with extra brine if needed to keep everything submerged. This is buckwheat noodles in stock made with dashi (Japanese soup stock), topped with sauteed kimchee, sometimes I add ground beef sauteed with black pepper and finely minced garlic–which is how my mom makes the soup. IS the Koriean chili powder essential? He has an entire section on the microflora of kimchi and the importance the cook’s contribution to the final product. . Hi Sam- I agree that the count in the nutritional information is probably high. I am going to guess that it’s different enough to warrant ordering the gochujang! I’m so excited right now because I have 5 Pints of it curing for 72 hours. I took the juices out, and left the kimchi to see if makes bubbles again. No doubt you must be making a fortune. Hi Diana- It adds fructose which the pear would also do… you do not need to add a specific amount. There’s a little bahn mi sandwich shop in my neighborhood that puts it on French fries with some kind of secret sauce. Delish! . If you’d like, you could probably reduce those by about 1/3 so you’d still have the flavours but a little less sodium. Hubby can’t stand fish sauce. I meant gochugaru. Look forward to making again. Great Recipe, First time I tried it was a hit with my family and all my colleagues, now I need to make more for everyone. The Kimchi we used to get was the kind buried in the ground over the winter. Hi Rebecca – Got a quick question for you regarding the consistency of my paste and how well it covers up the cabbage after I pack it in my mason jars. They do sell vegetarian “fish sauce”, though, if you’d like to get really close to the flavours! Love this recipe and your website! thai fish sauce would make the kimchi taste bad, kimchi-making are the cabbage and the chili powder/flakes. I crave kimchi and eggs, my favorite breakfast. Hi Eva- You should be fine whichever route you took, but I’d pop it into the fridge now if you haven’t already. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know! Can you tell me how many pounds of napa cabbage should I use for this recipe? Also ps I love that you are a barre instructor and boy mom. It’s so delicious! You’re basically looking to loosen up the paste enough to be able to smear it all over the Napa cabbage. You may end up with hotter or milder kimchi than intended, though, because the grind may be coarser or finer if you DIY it. . I’m awfully glad it turned out great for you and I appreciate that you took the time to come back and rate the recipe and let us know! Or, pair the kimchi mixture with sliced mook (it’s like a savory jelly made from starch…I think?). This tutorial takes the mystery out of making it yourself! Enjoy! Thanks Rebecca! The company I use for my ads is very good about listening to complaints when ads are reported. We love our kimchi. Do you think I have a problem? I’m so glad you love it, Jeanette! 200 ml? When I make it I go with about 18lbs.of napa cabbage ( yes a lot ) I’am addicted to kimchi ! I got my red pepper powder at the Korean food store today! You state: “If needed, pour some additional brine to keep the vegetables submerged….” However, the recipe never mentions to pour brine over the vegetables once they are in the canning jars. We loved that addition, too. We had a nice little river in our pan so it was definitely doing it’s thing, I’m just concerned that it’s a bit gloopy now. Whatever it’s called, though, it’s darned good… I hope you make some! You can order the chile powder from Amazon via the link I provided in the post. Thanks so much, Tngirl05, for taking the time to let me know you loved it and rate the recipe! I am going to forget the green peppers this first time, maybe throw them in next time, that way I can compare with and without . the 3rd/current batch, I had chopped up that other pineapple from months ago and frozen it – you’re darn right it went into the cucumber+sprouts batch today. Oh No, the post just above me wasn’t visible to me until I came back to speak again. Hi Dee- You add the apple or pear juice when you’re processing the garlic and such in the food processor. or do I have to buy specific Korean Chile powder? . Hi Stephanie- There is a large range here, but the paste you make should be sufficient to work for up to 8 pounds of cabbage. I’m not sure I would do that. And by the same token, you shouldn’t increase the ginger willy-nilly because that can make the final product a little more bitter than you’d like it to be. I ate it in a week my wife even ate some and wanted more. You betcha! Please let me know if you have any other questions! When it’s almost carbonated looking (usually between 24-72 hours after packing the jars), it’s ready to refrigerate. I like the older, funkier kimchi for the pancakes, so ideally, I’d wait a few weeks before making it. I’ve been known to add Korean ribs (California style) and also to top with stew with cheese (Raclette) – I know it sounds really weird but IMO kimchee goes with almost anything and this is a good combination. disgrace of a supermarket. Boil noodles, drain. I am vegan so what can I replace the fish sauce with, is the fruit juice required, and my house is very humid….

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