Anjali asked 10 months ago

Hello, Thank you.  Please share switch word for below situation. I got marriage proposal 2months back. Me and him used to talk in phone daily. We have simlar mentality  and options so I started like him. Initial few days he used say he also likes me and let get marry. Later he gets irritate on whatever I talk.  After few days he say his parents has seen some other match in relatives he also likes her because she is more beautiful, he want to go that proposal. He started talking with her and blocked all ways to contact him. If I call from other numbers, he shouts and scolds me badly and saying he don’t like me now. I really don’t know what to do. I like him so much. Some times I feel like I don’t want my life without him.  I am in deep depression and can’t share with any one because they don’t understand my situation. Please please share switch word how can I make him to come to my life and marry me.   please reply me as soon as possible  Thank you in advance