I need pan card as fast. Please help me to collect that in quick manner?

Any Questions?Category: QuestionsI need pan card as fast. Please help me to collect that in quick manner?
Rajesh Goswami asked 7 months ago

I have submitted my application two days before. But i cannot get my pan card. I need my pan card urgently. I am waiting for the pan card to applying the government posting. Minimum time limit is applicable for applying that. Only 2 days remaining for that application to download and submit. I should given my pan card number for that job. So please tell me the quick way for getting the new pan card in panseva.com. I am searching more websites for collect that. But no one cannot give very less timing for given that. Help me friend i should apply that job now. Can i use my father’s pan card? Is it okay? Please tell me i am waiting for the reply here. More discussions are available in online But i am not get the answer about my problem. I am very sad and also i am crying in my home. My mother helps me to apply in another way for that job. My friend also gave some of advices to get the pan card.
Please i need your helps now. What is the website is process fast way in my pan card. I need to check the website now. Please tell me fast. I have prepared that the exam and interview also. I know very well about the questions in the exams. I am getting all old question papers and prepare it as good manner. I have collected some of information and related thoughts in online. My father get collect those types of questions with answers for me. I should attend the exam and i hope i will win the exam. But it is possible when the pan card is available to me. I am still searching the way for get my pan card in online. Share your ideas and tips here