Switchwords List

The Universal List

The Universal Switchwords List

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These words are believed to work for 95-100 percent of people:

ACT to be a good speaker
to increase; to boost what you have
ADJUST to deal with an unpleasant situation effectively; to deal with a responsibility or burden
ALONE to heal a scab; generally, to promote healing
AROUND for better perspective
ATTENTION to pay attention to detail; to avoid careless mistakes

BETWEEN to discover or boost psychic ability, enhance telepathy
BE to have good health; to be resilient to ridicule and other negative attitudes; to feel less alone; for peace of mind; to do well at sport
BLUFF to reduce or dispel anxiety, fear or nervousness

CANCEL to dispel worry, poverty, debt, annoyance and negativity; any unwanted condition
CARE to remember; retain information
CHANGE to get rid of pain in any part of the body, or anything else unwanted, such as negative thoughts; also to get something out of the eye

CHUCKLE for personal confidence; to turn on personality
CLASSIC to appear cultured
CONTINUE to increase endurance; also, to swim
CONSIDER to be a good mechanic; to diagnose
COPY to have good taste; also, to boost fertility
COUNT to make money; to cut down smoking
COVER to subdue excitement; calm nerves
CROWD to get your children to follow orders
CURVE to make beautiful; to create an item of beauty; also, for self-esteem
CUT to moderate behaviour; curb excesses

DIVINE to work miracles; to enhance your strengths
DO to beat procrastination
DONE to meet a deadline, to boost willpower
DOWN for humility; to stop bragging
DUCK to reduce hypersensitivity

ELATE to turn a setback to your advantage; lemonade from lemons

FIGHT to win in a competition, such as a sports match; to upset an opponent
FIND to amass a fortune
FOR to promote
FOREVER to keep a secret
GIGGLE to get in the mood for writing
GIVE to sell and to be generous; to be a helper
GUARD to protect personal space or property
HO to sigh, to relax
HOLD to maximise positive character traits
HOLE to boost charisma; to be attractive

JUDGE to enjoy reading, helping work and study; to improve understanding

LEARN for an instant youthful attitude and appearance
LISTEN to predict the future

MAGNANIMITY  For generosity; to stop petty attitudes
MOVE For sudden energy

NEXT To complete a detailed, repetitive task, such as accounts, domestic work or examination revision
NOW To act on a positive impulse or idea; also, to beat procrastination

OFF to get to sleep or break a bad habit; the ‘quit switch’
ON The ‘green-light’ Switchword; to get new ideas and to travel, to be ambitious, to build, create or produce

PERSONAL to publish a successful website, newsletter or blog
POSTPONE to stop a sulk
PRAISE to make yourself beautiful or handsome; to like your body: to get praise from others; to stop finding fault in others
PUT to build or develop

REACH The ‘lightbulb’ switch: to find lost objects; to remember; to be creative and invent; to find inspiration; to solve problems; to find the right words
REVERSE to bury a grudge; to move on
RIDICULOUS to promote successfully; to get publicity

SAVE to stop drinking
SCHEME to design, to advertise, to produce
SHOW to be sincere, to be devout
SLOW to have patience and wisdom
SMILE to smile
SOPHISTICATE to publish a successful magazine; to increase success
SPEND to dress well; to improve appearance
STRETCH to sustain a good feeling or situation; to prolong a winning streak
SUFFER to manage success and prosperity
SWEET to be a calming influence; to be good company
SWING for courage; to confront a situation
SWIVEL to relieve constipation

TAKE to cultivate leadership
TAP to convert or persuade someone
THANKS to stop regretting the past
TINY to be kind, polite and considerate
TOGETHER the master Switchword; brings whatever you want. Aligns the subconscious and conscious selves as one.
TOMORROW to stop remorse

UNCLE to retain sense of self when first sensing a negative influence
UP for confidence; to lose inferiority complex; to dispel a low mood
WAIT to learn a secret
WASTE to appear wealthy
WATCH to learn a skill
WITH for compatibility; to get on with other people