HALFWAY makes your task seem like half the distance – and half the effort. Combine it with CARE, and you have a killer combination for study – whether you’re knee-deep in data at  work, or you’re revising for an examination.

CARE is the Switch for retaining information. HALFWAY makes your goal feel achievable. Think, say or chant HALFWAYCARE before you begin: do this ten times. Take a deep breath in, and imagine that you’re going to really take in everything you read – as if your mind’s a big sponge, ready to absorb the flow of facts. Now exhale, and begin your work. if you concentration wavers and you’re feeling distracted, say it again, ten times – take another breath, and go back to your work.

Simone’s Success with HALFWAY-CARE

Simone, who experimented with HALFWAYCARE, found it helped her study in a more productive way, and avoid distractions. ‘Whenever my mind wandered, I’d find myself wandering onto Facebook, then Ebay, then I’d put the kettle on – and so it continued. I knew I was time-wasting. When I chanted HALFWAYCARE at the beginning of a study session, and whenever I was in danger of feeling bored or frustrated, it calmed me down and helped me concentrate – I began to feel that revising wasn’t such a mountain to climb after all.’

Why does it work?

CARE operates on your brain like the ‘save’ function on a computer. It brings the awareness that you’ll need the info that you’re reading later on, and that it’s worth saving. When you read, you take CARE to understand the material; CARE adds a mental ‘tag’ so it’s easier to retrieve later.

Okay… so what word do I use to remember facts and concepts?

REACH retrieves what you’ve stored away – it’s like the ‘find’ function on a computer. When you need to remember or recall anything – from a fact to an object – think, say, chant or sing REACH ten times. Then take a deep breath in, breathe out and see what comes to mind. Don’t try too hard to grasp for what you need to recall; accept that the information is there, and that your subconscious mind will lead you to it. Relax as you chant.

You might get a mental picture connection with the memory, or hear a word, or the knowledge you need pops right into your mind. Let the memory arise naturally. Think of it like remembering a dream: if you try too hard to remember it, it disappears. But if you can imagine that you’re back in the dream, by generating a relaxed, intuitive frame of mind, you naturally remember.