The Switchword HALFWAY can make any goal feel instantly achievable. Think, say, chant or sing it to cut down your journey time, and make any goal seem easier.

 How Jo ran with HALFWAY

Jo, who is training for a half-marathon, shared this experience with me. ‘When I was first getting back into running, I had to run and walk, building my stamina bit by bit. When I realised I could chant Switchwords while I was running, I chose HALFWAY, to make the distance seem like half! I synchronised my chanting with my paces. I like chanting in groups of three, saying HALFWAY three times, then I run three paces without chanting, then I go back to the chant. And it seems to work – I feel more confident, and I always seem to reach my goal.’


Next, Jo combined HALFWAY with the Switchword MOVE, which she found in the Switchword Dictionary in my book: ‘Sometimes I just didn’t want to run, I had no energy and really had to force myself out of the house to try to do my 5k. So I began to chant, ‘MOVEHALFWAY’ and i think it helps.’

Of course, Jo’s determination, and her regular training, are bringing her closer to her goal to run a half-marathon. However, she feels her Switchwords are now a key part of her training, helping her to meet her goals. ‘The distance just doesn’t feel out of reach for me now,’ she says. ‘And saying MOVE seems to make me smile and want to move my body, to run.’

MOVE brings instant energy, and you can say MOVE anytime you need a vitality boost.

Why does it work?

Halfway is the turning point when we’re trying to push ourselves through a difficult task: running a race, taking a driving test, sitting through a boring long-haul flight or sticking to a diet, we know the task gets easier after the halfway point. By chanting HALFWAY right from the beginning of the task, you’re instantly bringing forward that HALFWAY feeling, so you begin to believe you goal is reachable –  and it becomes easier than you imagined.

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