Switchwords for love

This is one of the most popular requests we receive and Switchwords can be very effective for finding love. As in most things in life, opportunities are all around, and this also includes ‘finding’ the right partner or mate. The trick is in recognizing them! Use Switchwords for love to help.

Most people are familiar with that instant feeling you can get when you meet someone new and you feel like you’ve known them all your life. Other times for no good reason you take an instant dislike to a new person and feel that you’d rather avoid them. This is the subconscious mind working.

The subconscious mind’s primary role is to protect you and ensure your survival. It has evolved over millenia and can read someone else in nano-seconds. It uses the past as the basis for this evaluation and sometimes, if you’ve had previous bad experiences, it can get triggered by something it ‘sees’ in the new person. It can then get stuck in making an evaluation that’s not accurate, but which your conscious mind instantly responds to and thinks is ‘the truth’. We’ve all been there. Some of the ‘triggers’ are cultural, the way a person looks or smells, others are purely personal based on our own specific experiences and upsets from the past. If someone thinks they are ‘bad’ at relationships, they are probably replicating some old pattern from the past without even realizing it.

Switchwords can be very helpful because they work at the level of the subconscious mind and often clearing out the blocks and fears based on the past is the key to recognizing the right person for you. Don’t try and consciously ‘work out’ what’s been wrong with your or your relationships in the past – that’s the conscious mind working and it will never fathom the depths and intricacies of the subconscious mind – rather pick some Switchwords for love that appeal to you and try them out. Your Prince or Princess awaits!

Sing, chant or tap your Switchwords and then trust your intuition and instincts.

Switchwords for love list:

CHARM – to get your heart’s desire
BRING – to attract and manifest love
GIVE – to be emotionally available
SWEET – to make a good impression
HOLE – to be attractive; to have charisma
PRAISE – to make yourself beautiful or handsome
CHUCKLE – to show your personality
LOVE – to generate and attract love

You can combine these Switchwords for love with other Switchwords e.g. TOGETHER (the ‘master’ Switchword for bringing together the subconscious and conscious minds and adding power to the intention), and DIVINE (for miracles) if you think you need one!

If you want to make it easy watch our Switchwords for love prescription here.