Switchwords for Money

“Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail” – Richard Friedman

Money is a form of energy and like all energy it needs to keep moving to be doing its job. Things can get sticky when we try to hang on to it out of the fear of feeling impoverished or the thought that we’ll never get enough of it. And it’s these kinds of attitudes we have about money that can repel it. Switchwords for money can help.

Do you see yourself as naturally deserving of money without conditions? Or do you think you have to work hard and do all the right things before you can get the money you need and want? These are the some of the limitations we set ourselves sometimes without realizing it. If we grew up in a family that thought ‘money is the root of all evil’ it’s likely that our subconscious mind has been programmed with that. And guess what? As one of the jobs our subconscious mind has is to protect us, it will do its utmost to ensure that we don’t get too much of the stuff. We can affirm for wealth all we like, but if our subconscious mind believes that money is bad for us, or that we don’t really deserve it, it will find all sorts of ways to sabotage our best efforts.

What do you want money for? Is it for safety and security? To improve your self-esteem? Your status? What would you do with serious wealth if you had it? Asking yourself some of these questions and answering honestly may help you to identify some of the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and the way the way money works. Rest-assured all the great Wisdom teachers say that abundance in all its forms is everyone’s natural birthright, so there’s no harm in doing what you can to attract it into your (and others) life.

Switch on an abundance mindset

Switchwords will show you the blocks to being abundant, simply pay attention to any negative thoughts or feelings you have when you say or chant the words. This will give you insight into what is blocking money flowing towards you. Don’t analyse why you think or feel what you do about money, that’s the realm of the conscious mind and it can tie you in knots (that’s the conscious mind’s job – to protect through analysis)! Instead find a single or combination of the words below that feels right to you and play with the intention of releasing the blocks and letting the money (energy) flow.

FIND – to amass a fortune or find something of value; the abundance Switchword
COUNT – to generate a measurable amount of money
CANCEL – to erase debt
CUT – to curb spending
MAGNANIMITY –  for generosity, encouraging the flow of money
STRETCH – to prolong a winning streak

POVERTYCANCEL – to clear debt, to erase poverty consciousness and help money come in
TOGETHERSHUT – to end a financial dispute

ADDCOUNT – to increase existing money
FINDDIVINE – for a financial miracle, to find a treasure
TOGETHERCOUNTON – to attract wealth as part of a team
FINDDIVINECOUNTON – for a measurable fortune/income

COUNT attracts measurable income, so try using it with a specific figure that you have in mind e.g. COUNT-One-hundred-thousand-pounds. This method was suggested by Shunyam Nirav the successor to James T. Mangan, the advertising executive who was the first person to explore and write about the use of Switchwords in 1963. And just notice how you reacted to chanting for £100,000 – seems too much? Time to get playing with Switchwords for money!!

If you want a simple way to get in the money-groove – take the Switchwords for money prescription for clearing money blocks here.