Alongside established Switchwords (see the Universal Switchwords list) you can easily discover new words that can become your personal switches. Here’s how Suzanne found one of her personal Switchwords.

Suzanne ROSE above confrontation

‘Roses are my favourite flowers and when I see them or think of them, I almost get their perfume… and I feel calm,’ Suzanne explains. ‘But I had no idea I could harness this word to change my actions.’ Suzanne’s new co-worker had become a constant irritant in her life. ‘Whatever I said, he contradicted me, although I had way more experience than him in the role,’ she huffed. ‘And I found myself getting more agitated about dealing with him every day, to the point that even thinking about seeing him was making me angry and anxious. I don’t know exactly why I started saying ROSE to myself on the way to the office one morning – maybe because I saw a picture of a rose on a florist’s van ahead of me in a traffic queue and it triggered that memory of my favourite word. And while I was driving, this thought came into my mind: How would I feel if I ROSE above my co-worker’s pettiness? I instantly felt calm… So, when I saw my co-worker that morning, ambling towards me with that self-satisfied grin, I mentally projected ROSE ROSE ROSE. For the first time ever, he said nothing to me – zilch. No cheesy comment or provocation – it’s as if there was nothing he could do to wind me up. After a day or two of me mentally chanting ROSE whenever he was near me, he turned his attention elsewhere. Next, I chanted ROSE with the Universal Switchword TINY – to be polite – and he improved on that front, too!

Why do personal Switchwords work?

They work because they’re words that are personal to you. They carry a charge – bringing emotions, pictures, and other sensations from your subconscious into your conscious awareness. When these feelings and memories surface, they become energised and, as the Law of Attraction says, like attracts like – so you attract and generate that same positive vibe into your life. Get the right vibration going on the inside, and the universe responds by sending you more of the same!

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