In my book, Switchwords: Use One Word to Get What You Want,  I talk about chanting Switchwords in sets of 10, 28 or 108 (the traditional mantra counts) – or as many times as feel right for you. However, a friend recently commented, ’If I chant my Switchwords fifty times a day, I’ll have more chance of succeeding’. I explained that saying Switchwords is not like entering the Lottery; manifesting with these power-words is not a game of chance. Getting what you want with Switchwords relies on generating an open, relaxed state of mind before you chant, rather than on how many times you chant each day.

Chanting obsessively can be a sign that you’re not sure your Switchwords will work. Fixating on chanting can generate poverty consciousness, while what’s needed is an attitude of trust: that your wishes can and will be granted, and your goals are achievable.

Desperation – for money, love, security, or freedom from unwanted habits – takes up a lot of our mental, emotional and spiritual energy. When your head is full of what you don’t have, there’s little room to receive what you do want.

Before you begin chanting, create the mental space you need by visualising a physical space. Recall a place you love and see it in your mind’s eye – a beachside bar, garden, a cosy fireside. Then ‘float’ your chosen Switchwords into that place – see them drifting by the ocean, or appearing on a cloud. Feel the words as they appear, welcome them into your special place, chant them, then let them drift away when you’re done. Let go of the goal, and have trust that the Universe will bring you just what you need.

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