February was our Switchword Love Month – see the list of Love Switchword ‘Prescriptions’ we tweeted throughout the month. Do let us know your stories and feel free to ask any questions here.

Switchwords for Love

If you’re looking for a new relationship, you may be finding it tough out there; there’s nothing more frustrating than being ready for love, but it’s not happening – at least, yet. Finding your soul mate is about an attitude of openness rather than the dedicated search for the elusive One. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of soul mates out there for us all. We’re not destined to meet just one during a lifetime. Our perfect partner can appear at any time throughout our lives; we just have to recognise them when they come around. These Switchwords for love can help.

Healing past hurt can be the first step in opening to love again. Chant JEWEL-LOVE-THANKS. JEWEL is a new Switchword that reduces fear and balances the solar plexus chakra (where we feel fear in the body). LOVE attracts love, while THANKS stops us regretting the past.

You might also find DE-PROGRAMME works to help drop old, negative attitudes about relationships. And the perfect word that shows you your love blocks is the ‘master’ Switchword, TOGETHER.

Case Study

A recent client tried this before she began chanting her Switchwords for love-attraction phrase (BRING-LOVE-DIVINE). TOGETHER showed her her fears about meeting someone new. She really wanted a relationship (and has done for more than two years). After chanting TOGETHER for a week or so, she felt sad (connected with her past relationship ending) and a surge of fear and anxiety about risking intimacy with someone new. These feelings were sending out a low vibe to potential partners; she realised she was being subtly defensive – and these men felt her suppressed fear. As she became more aware of her fear and how it protected her but put off potential soul mates, she chanted THANKS to stop regret and forgive herself for the failure of her marriage. Then, she chanted here love mantra, BRING-LOVE-DIVINE – and began to really believe she could meet someone.

There’s a man she’s begun seeing – it’s early days, but, she says, ‘it feels different with him… it’s not loaded with anxiety.’