Switchwords for Money

We are often asked about Switch words for money and suitable phrases to help manifest money. One way to improve your money situation is to get back money that you’re owed, either by customers, clients or friends and family as this can often work wonders for raising your self-esteem – a key part of manifesting money. After all, it can leave us feeling rather undervalued if people don’t pay us for our services, or don’t honour their word when it comes to returning a loan. This in turn sends a message to the Universe that we don’t really value ourselves or our services, which is NOT something we want!  So here is a Switchwords list for money, particularly focused on getting that money back.

If you are self-employed or a freelancer, chances are that from time-to-time your customers and clients may take their time to pay you. Often it can feel like an uphill battle trying to get the money in and most people get anxious that if they start nagging about money it will spoil the relationship – and the chances of future business. But do remember that you do deserve to get paid on time for the work you do. The same is true if you are owed money by friends or others who borrowed money with a promise to pay it back. It can feel even more difficult to broach the subject with people close to you – so see if these Switch words for money can help.

Clearing the Blocks to Abundance with Switchwords for Money

A word of advice: if you can, before you start chanting, tapping or journalling the words, clear any feelings of anger or frustration you may have towards your debtor. To do this send them blessings wishing them abundance, after all it may be fear of scarcity or lack that is stopping them paying you on time. Creating positive energy around the situation will raise the vibration and naturally leads to a better outcome.

You might also like to think about whether you have an issue with receiving or have a negative belief about people not paying on time. It never does any harm to look at your own subconscious patterns first. To help with this you might like to chant POVERTY-CANCEL or if you sense you have an issue with feeling deserving you could try UNCLE-UP to retain a sense of yourself, instil confidence and lose any sense of inferiority you might have. Read more about clearing money blocks.

Chasing debts can be a hassle and it takes valuable time away from your real job. So here are some Switchwords for money phrases to help. Get a sense of which ones resonate with you, and feel free to swap the words around until you get a sense that you’ve hit on the right phrase for you and your situation. It’s important that the Switch word for money phrases resonate deeply with your subconscious mind rather than just chanting words by rote and ‘hoping’ that they’ll work.

Switchwords for Money List:

To get the debt paid quickly/paid on time:
COUNT-HALFWAY-DONE: COUNT is one of the Switchwords for money for a measurable amount and HALFWAY speeds something up or makes it less arduous. DONE is for meeting a deadline – or in this case your payment due date!  You might like to insert the amount of money you are owed as in: COUNT-£800-HALFWAY-DONE. You might also like to chant this as you issue your invoices or payment requests to get paid on time so you don’t need to chase!

To remove blocks to payment:
BRING-COUNT-ON: BRING is the Switchword for manifesting or delivery, COUNT is one of the Switchwords for money for a measurable amount (the debt) and ON is the ‘green light’ Switchword to create or produce. Again you can try inserting the amount of money you are owed: BRING-COUNT-£800-ON

If you are uncomfortable with asking for the money you’re owed:
ADJUST-MAGNANIMITY-BRING: ADJUST is the Switchword that helps deal with unpleasantness effectively, MAGNANIMITY is the one of the Switchwords for money that keeps it circulating and inspires generosity and BRING is for manifesting or delivery.

If you are in dispute with your debtor:
TOGETHER-SHUT  – this ends a financial dispute.

If you think your own fear of lack is getting in the way:
DIVINE-ADD-FIND-NOW: DIVINE is a request for a ‘miracle’ and enhances your strengths;ADD increases what you already have; FIND is the ‘fortune’ Switchwords for money  and helps improve finances and NOW helps you act on a positive impulse or idea to improve your situation.

Let us know how you get on with these Switchwords for money!