Use Switchword Power To Sort Out Your Money

I’ve been getting lots of  questions and comments on Switchwords for money.

Here are a few Switchwords for money phrases to help you with your money in the coming year. Chant them around ten times, three times a day (but you can chant more often if you like – just remember to cultivate calm when you chant, rather than let any feelings of desperation creep in). Then emotionally let go of your wish, and let the Universe get on with bringing it to you.

First things first – if you get your money sorted, everything else looks a whole lot brighter. (If you’re about to tackle your tax return, chant HALFWAY – it won’t feel so tortuous and you’ll get it done more quickly. Prefix with BLUFF if the whole idea of the tax return is making you anxious – I use this one every year with a bit of deep breathing…!)

Bringing in money – stage 1

 First, chant POVERTY-CANCEL to clear poverty consciousness – the belief that being broke is an inescapable fact of life. It isn’t; you deserve abundance. You might find, right after you chant, that ‘block beliefs’ begin to arise. These can be come as memory flashes, or other mental images that tell you what, deep down, may be switching off your money flow. (It’s worth spending some time acknowledging these subconscious impressions, bringing them into your conscious awareness, so you can better understand what may be behind your current attitudes to, and experience of, money, wealth and poverty).  If you don’t intuitively sense there’s a block here, and that your situation now is purely circumstances, skip on to stage 2.

POVERTY-CANCEL helps clear money debt and karmic debt.

Bringing in money – stage 2

To get money flowing to you:


(I know I’ve shared this one before, but it really works – it brings money and also inventive ways to create money. Do work with POVERTY-CANCEL for a day or two before you try it, to clear any underlying blocks.)

To bring in new work and clients


For inspiration – new creative projects, business ideas


 For instant peace of mind which will help you stop worrying about money:


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