The feedback and support we’ve received since Liz launched her book last November has been phenomenal! We are really so grateful for the time people have taken asking us questions and letting us know how they are getting on with using Switchwords. It’s so exciting to find out that this new, simple way of manifesting really does work for so many people!

Unsurprisingly, one of the most asked about topics is Switchwords for Love and due to overwhelming demand, Liz has taken some time out to write a short book that addresses the questions and issues that you’ve so kindly shared with us. This is now available to buy as an instantly downloadable PDF for £1.99.

The book introduces a three step process for enabling love to manifest. These three simple steps use Switchwords to help you clear out any blocks caused by outdated beliefs, release past loves and hurts and raise your vibration so you can attract the love of your dreams. Each step has associated Switchwords which help the process along.

One of the key issues that sometimes blocks us from manifesting love is worry about how we look and the negative self-talk can lower our self-esteem. Here are some prescriptions from the book that can help:

To like your body and feel good about how you look


To increase self-esteem


Love isn’t just about finding someone new. If you’re already in a relationship and want to deepen it, there are Switchword prescriptions that can help with that too. Some examples include:

For intimacy and lovemaking


To revitalise your relationship or help a new relationship flourish


There are also prescriptions to help deal with love and timing. Ever felt that they were the right person at the wrong time? Maybe you’ve missed out on the love of your life because he or she wasn’t single when you were. A powerful prescription to help deal with this situation is:


There are loads of other prescriptions in the book which will help you overcome relationship difficulties and help you get the love of your dreams!

The book also contains useful tips on how to use Switchwords and test which ones are right for you. We hope you enjoy reading it.

So, finally, we offer you the Switchword Blessing – may all your love dreams come true: