Because Switchwords resonate on an energetic level, they support energy-healing therapies such as Angelic healing, Reiki and chakra healing. Words create energy forms, much like the symbols used in Angelic Reiki and other Reiki lineages. And because Switchwords call upon the Universe or Divine Intelligence, they help us connect with other realms: the realms of angels and guides. Here’s how to ask your angels for help and healing – in just a few words.

  1. First, chant the master Switchword, TOGETHER, ten times while sitting comfortably. TOGETHER works by bringing the conscious and subconscious minds together in harmony. Often this can be the source of dis-ease, so chanting TOGETHER can activate the body’s natural instinct for healing once the source of inner conflict is removed.
  2. Chant the Angelic Blessing ANGELLIGHTDIVINEBE three times to call upon the angels for help and to ask for healing. When you’ve chanted, make your request in your own words. Take your time. Breathe. Trust that you’ll get what you need without stress. Then pay attention to your senses – what you’re feeling in your body, and what you’re seeing internally. You may sense a colour, get a tingling sensation, or feel that you’re being shown what you might need to do. Stay with these sensations as long as it feels right.
  3. If you feel you need strong guidance (or even a miracle), chant ELOHIM-DIVINE ten times.
  4. Chant ANGEL-THANKS-DIVINE three times to thank your angels for their assistance.
  5. Finally, chant TOGETHER-NOW-DONE  a few times to integrate what you’ve been shown by your angels and bring it into your conscious awareness.