If you’ve had relationship issues, bereavement, break-ups, or you’re feeling let down by friends or family, this heart-healing practice can support you in your healing journey. We focus on the heart chakra in this practice; for more information and an overview of healing with Switchwords, please see the book, Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want by Liz Dean.

1 Set your intention to heal Before you start, get yourself into a relaxed and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. When you are ready, take a few cleansing breaths (in through the nose out through the mouth), close your eyes and settle yourself into your intention to focus on any emotional imbalances in your heart chakra.

2 Ground yourself Imagine a tree root growing from the soles of your feet burrowing deep into the ground, right into the centre of the Earth. When you feel securely connected to the earth, the base of your spine or your feet might tingle and/or get warm. Chant the Switchword ROOT. This empowers your grounding.

3 Get your bubble on Visualise that you’re completely enclosed with a bubble of golden white light (and remember to go under your feet with it, too). Know that only loving and higher vibrations can penetrate your bubble, and that you are totally safe. Chant the Switchword ENVELOPE or WRAP (whichever feels right) for protection.

4 Open your heart Take your awareness to your heart chakra. Visualise a pink flower with a green stem; see its petals opening slowly, from a bud into full bloom. Feel the pink of the petals and the vibrant green of the stem. Feel that your heart is opening.

5  Choose and chant your Switchwords. You might choose:
LOVE-CHARM – to bring in the right relationship
RESTORE-BLISS – help me find happiness again; help me heal
SWING – bring me courage to deal with a relationship issue
TOMORROW – to stop me regretting the past
FORGIVE – to forgive
ROCK ROSE – to release fear
SHINE – to release negative feelings and thoughts

Chant each Switchword ten times, or for as long as feels right. Chant slowly and stay tuned to how you’re feeling. Take as much time as you need, and sense any shift in the colour of your pink flower. It may look lighter or brighter; you may experience a release of emotion, too, so be open to what happens.

6 Close your heart chakra When you are ready the end the session, close your heart chakra by visualising again the pink flower over your heart, and seeing the petals slowly closing. Chant the Switchword SHAKTI-FOREVER three times as you do this until all the petals are closed.

7 Check your grounding Finally, check that your root into the earth is still in place by taking your attention back to the roots you visualised growing from the soles of your feet. See them securely holding you to the earth, deep and strong. Open your eyes, stretch, stand-up and stamp your feet a couple of times.

Note: It’s very important that you close down a chakra or chakras after a healing session, as leaving them open can leave you feeling spaced out and open to picking up on other people’s thoughts and feelings; this can make you feel tired and very drained (and this can come as quite a shock, especially when you’re out and about in public places or on public transport and you suddenly feel vulnerable). So make sure you are thorough with your closing sequence, and remember to always visualise the protective bubble around you when you’re self-healing or working with healing clients.