Switchword Prescriptions for Money – Only £2.49!

Our latest e-Book has an abundance of advice and Switchword Prescriptions to help you manifest money in your life.  Incorporating full instructions for ‘The Money Manifesting Programme’, it outlines 5 Key Steps for using Switchwords to get and stay in the money flow.

To manifest money, we need to get in agreement with the Universe. This agreement is the Law of Attraction: like attracts like. Money attracts money. Abundance creates more abundance. This is the currency exchange: we exchange, or get, like for like. If you’re out of that money flow, Switchwords can help you cancel poverty thinking to create more income and opportunities for wealth. If you’re in the flow of money, and want to attract more, Switchwords can help you increase abundance.

Because Switchwords talk directly to the powerful subconscious mind, you can create thoughts and beliefs that align you with abundance at a deeper level – and delete negative beliefs, or poverty consciousness, that for years may have sabotaged your manifesting.

The Switchword Prescription Ebook Series

This new series of little books has come about due to the popularity of the Switchword Prescriptions page.  It’s an opportunity for us to share Switchword wisdom on the issues we get most asked about. Of course, we can’t include everything in an ebook – the original research and case studies appear in the ‘mother’ book, ‘Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want’. However, an ebook allows us to get really specific on a topic that’s important to you.
The series began with Switchword Prescriptions for Love, and now Switchword Prescriptions for Money. Future titles include Switchword Prescriptions for: Career, Self-Empowerment, Forgiveness and Letting Go; Chakra Healing, Psychic Development, Angels, and Tarot.
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The Switchword Blessing