Energy healing with Switchwords can take place on many  levels, not just the physical. And it’s not as simple as taking a pill; Switchwords often support your health is by helping your body-mind to heal itself. For example, you might chant Switchwords to boost your energy when you think you’re coming down with a cold (MOVE-ELATE, for example), then find that the burden of commitments eases up (say, meetings or other activities get cancelled last-minute) so you have unexpected time to slow down and recover your energy. In turn, this helps you reflect on the fact that you’ve being overdoing things and may be overwhelmed (which often results in immunity depletion). In this way, Switchwords provide a healing opportunity rather than direct medicine.

While it’s not impossible to have a physical symptom disappear instantly with Switchwords, do be patient. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get instant results. Often, illnesses take a long time to manifest, so be prepared to take a bit of time to heal.

Also, trust that your Switchwords can work, and don’t keep chanting more and more desperately because it seems like nothing is happening. Desperation is a sign of fear and makes it much harder for the Switchword to manifest its power. When dealing with illness it can be very hard to relax and let go, so if you are finding this difficult try taking a deep calming breath and chanting this great phrase for serenity and self-love: TOGETHER-LOVE-528. 

And do bear in mind that Switchwords are not, and cannot be, a substitute for getting proper medical care and advice from qualified medical practitioners.

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