Switching it Up for Spring!

Spring brings the urge to emerge and explore what’s possible now: more fulfilling work, a jolt of inspiration, new ways to shine and express your creativity? If so, unzip that Arctic parka, remove clutter, and find a calm minute to manifest what you want with Switchwords.

Before you say the words, clear away any desk clutter so you’re energetically ready to receive new work, find a moment of calm, then say the words and let go of your wish (I visualize my Switchwords on a piece of paper that grows wings and flies up to the Universe… works for me!).

The Power of GIVE

I love that GIVE worked for so many of you (it’s included in the Switchwords feature in the April issue of ‘Chat It’s Fate’ magazine; thank you, Jolene, for your interview on your business success with GIVE!)

Thing is, though, while we want to be busy, we need quality, too; fulfilling opportunities that remind us why we do what we do. So let’s switch up a level with the GIVE phrase – chant around ten times, three times a day.


GIVE brings clients and helps you sell yourself in a way that’s authentic to who you are – through giving. STAR is one of my new Switches that adds a sprinkle of inspiration to REACH, that wonderful ‘find’ command that helps you find lost items, solve problems and get whatever feels just out of reach for you now.DIVINE asks for a miracle, while BE-DONE is the ‘sign off’ for your request, speeding it up and helping you trust that you’ll get what you need.


If it’s time to expand your network to bring in more work offers and contacts to help you find a job, chant this power-phrase.

This is the Switch-phrase for networking – chant it before any networking you do; to manifest opportunities to expand your network, prefix with BRING:


My CHLORINE chant seems to be bringing lots of Switchword coaching, which I love.

You can still get a coaching session with me via Skype. And keep sending your amazing feedback on the Switchwords you’ve tried – I try to reply to questions and emails within a day or so. Just go to the Questions area