Questions and comments about love and relationships continue to pour in and we really appreciate your continued support. Here is a compilation of some more questions and answers to help you discover the right Switchwords prescription for you. As ever, feel free to swap the words around until you get that ‘ah hah!’ feeling. And don’t forget to read our article ‘How to Manifest with Switchwords‘ to get the most out of your practice.

Q: Please suggest a powerful Switchword to get my ex back in my life forever

A: You can chant TOMORROW-BRING but please be aware that we can only manifest what is right for us and the other person – they can only open up possibility.

Q: I want to marry my boyfriend as I love him a lot. I want to live happily with him and have him love me more than I love him. I keep chanting TOGETHER.

A: Keep chanting TOGETHER! You can also add these Switchwords: TOGETHER-DIVINE-LOVE

Q:  I just started to see someone. But in the last couple of weeks things started to slow down. I really like this guy. So please help me with a Switchword to make things work between us. 

A:  Try BUBBLE-RESTORE-LOVE-UP to bring the energy back into your relationship. Also try DIVINE-LOVE-TOGETHER. If the relationship is meant to be, these words can help smooth the path.

Q: I want my ex-boyfriend back, he’s currently not even talking to me.

A: Switchwords can only help if you’re meant to be together – rather than bring him back because you think it’s right for you without considering what he wants. You can try TOGETHER-DIVINE-REACH-RESTORE.

Q: Can you use Switchwords to stop your husband being jealous?

A: You might try MONA LISA, which helps dispel jealousy.

Q: My boyfriend and I broke up 3 months ago. Unfortunately I did something really bad so he stopped all contact with me.  He won’t talk to me or even look at me and has blocked me from his phone and everywhere else. I need a Switchword for him to forgive me and give me another chance.

A:  You could try: TOGETHER-TOMORROW-CHANGE-RESTORE-BE. Of course there’s no guarantee that Switchwords will bring him back if he is determined that the relationship is over, but these words can help bring forgiveness.

Q: I’ve been in an on-again, off-again relationship for almost 8 years. At first, breakups were short (an hour the first time, lol!) but they are now progressively longer (the last one lasted 15 months, so I was sure it was over!). Since both of us evolved a lot whilst apart, the relationship never started up where it last ended, but in a better place. There is love, respect, and sexual attraction. But certain incompatibilities don’t make it viable long term or for marriage purposes, which is what I want. I’m looking to connect spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually with my partner. Obviously simply leaving does not work, and staying together eventually goes south as well. Could you recommend Switchwords to find a more suitable partner and let go of this one so he can find a suitable partner as well?

A: Try THANKS-BRING-LOVE-DIVINE, which helps you let go of him, be strong and attract new love. Congratulations on getting to this point and here’s to a great new relationship for you.

Q: Is that a Switchword that will convince my parents that my boyfriend is suitable for marriage?

A:  While Switchwords can’t ‘convince’ others, you can chant to create change in yourself that may help your situation because your vibration can affect others. So try chanting LOVE-BLESSING-LOVE-DIVINE which honours your relationship with your boyfriend and sees him as a BLESSING. Hopefully they’ll come to see him as a BLESSING too!

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