My parents won’t let us get married. What Switchwords can I chant to make them accept our relationship? Please help. It’s urgent.

My husband has been abusive but I still love him. What Switchwords can I say to make him come back?

I want our friendship to be something more, but he says he’s not attracted to me. How can I change his mind?

We get questions like this most days.

Switchwords help communication. If you have that, anything is possible. (Try ACT, the communication Switchword, with TOGETHER and LOVELOVE-ACT-TOGETHER).

But Switchwords are not intended to interfere with your life path. Of course, we have free will – we can create our future with our thoughts and actions – but when a relationship breaks up, this can be the Universe telling us that we’ve been heading in the wrong direction. And that’s hard, if you’ve invested so much time trying to make a relationship right.

Here’s what can help: Trust that if you’re meant to be with this person, things can work out. But if the relationship is so much work, with too many tumultuous ups and downs, it’s likely you’re not going with the flow of the Universe. If it’s abusive, it’s not right. Chant DIVINE-ORDER for life to go as it should. DIVINE ORDER asks that you follow your wise higher self, the part of you that has your best interests at heart. It helps put everything in the right order – from helping life to run more smoothly to reorganizing your home or even tuning a musical instrument: with DIVINE ORDER, everything resonates perfectly.

It’s also a great Switch-phrase to say when you need lots of things at once. Rather than chant a whole list of words to cover all your different needs, go with DIVINE ORDER.