Reading on your phone or iPad en route to work is one way to deflect the weight of humankind pressed into your armpit — but there are other words — two, in fact — that will make any journey more bearable. So, before you yearn to be transported from the traffic, train or tube to a nice comfy sofa with Game of Thrones, try this: silently chant HALFWAY-ON. No one will notice, and your journey may surprisingly begin to feel a little…easier. The guy with the pack back might even shift to the left, giving you 2 cubic inches of breathing space. Here’s why.

HALFWAY-ON is a Switchword phrase. Switchwords, which Freud identified in 1905, trigger a response in the subconscious, bringing this powerful part of ourselves onside with the transpersonal realm, aka The Universe. As in the Law of Attraction – the principle that like attracts like – Switchwords resonate not only deep within our own subconscious, but with universal energy, so you attract what you want in life. It’s a form of manifesting that uses specific, dedicated words. You don’t need to believe in the Law of Attraction (but it does work!) or adopt any belief system to use Switchwords effectively — all you need do is chant them around ten times, with an open mind, asking for what you need. Then let go of your wish so you have room to receive what comes to you. There are hundreds of Switchwords in circulation to help you empower your life (see the Universal Switchwords List)

HALFWAY is the dedicated Switchword to make any thing seem like half the distance and half the effort.

ON gets your vehicle moving — whether it’s public transport or your car. If you’re driving, ON summons the green light.

So, chant HALFWAY-ON just before you travel, and chant it again if you hit traffic, your train/tube halts, and whenever you’re feeling bored, frustrated and longing for your first coffee: you’ll find yourself moving forward in no time at all. Bon voyage!