Switchword Prescriptions

Switchword phrases for specific circumstances

Love & Relationships

Attract Your Soul Mate

When the time is right to attract your Soul Mate.

Attract a new relationship

To  attract a new relationship and find love.

Your Heart's Desire

For when you want to attract your heart’s desire.

Let Go of an Ex

For when you’re having difficulty moving on from a previous relationship.

Give a Blessing

To bless any good deed or intention or to give deep thanks!

Stand Your Ground

When you want to hang on to what you believe in or stand your ground.


For when you need to forgive yourself or others.


To think about getting pregnant and when the right time will be.

Stand Up To Bullys

To find the strength to stand up to bullys and to regain your confidence.

For Reconciliation

When you want to forgive and move on.

Health & Wellbeing

Weight Loss

Help with weight loss.

Weight loss and self-esteem

Building your self-esteem while losing weight gives you the confidence to succeed.

Quit Smoking Support

Quit smoking.

Get off to sleep

To get off to sleep when you’re mind just won’t stop.

Calm Anxiety

For when you’re feeling anxious and can’t seem to calm the worrying thoughts.

Quit Smoking - Purge toxins

This helps quit a bad habit and purge your body of the toxins created by smoking.

Switch Off Your Addiction

This is the ‘off switch’ for an addiction. Try tapping this phrase on your fingers (instructions here).

Instant Relaxation

For instant relaxation!

Energy Boost

This Switchword phrase is designed to boost your energy and enhance your ‘get-up-and-go’

Release Anxiety and Fear of the Future

Turn off fear and anxiety about the future.

Money, Career & Business

Attract Wealth

Absorb this phrase for manifesting wealth. Make sure you have cleared your blocks to financial abundance first with this

Boost Business

Boost your business with new clients and work.

Find A New Job or Work

Bring in more work offers and contacts to help you find a job.

Get Publicity and Sell

Get publicity and sell anything you need to get attention for.

Attract New Clients or Work

For attracting new clients or work. Make sure you have cleared your blocks to financial abundance first with this

Make Money Go Further

Make your money go further. Make sure you have cleared your blocks to financial abundance first with this

Clear Money Blocks

This phrase will help you to clear any blocks you have to achieving your financial goals. Spend a few moments with it and let it seep in to your subconscious.

Creativity Boost

To get into the creative ‘zone’ .

Public Speaking

Help with public speaking.

Sell A House Quickly

Sell your house quickly to the right buyer.

Get Positive Attention At Work

The magnet for attracting mentors and positive attention at work.