Lots has been happening in the world of Switchword Power since our last update – we’re plotting some launch parties for the book across the country! Venues secret just now, but I hope to have more news shortly (and you’re all invited!)

We’ll also be announcing the winner of the signed copy of my new book ‘SWITCHWORDS: USE ONE WORD TO GET WHAT YOU WANT’. If you don’t have a copy yet and would like to win one, there’s a few days until the competition closing date – [Competition now closed]. And thanks for all the entries so far.

In the meantime, here are some Switchwords to help you enjoy the Christmas party season:

WRAP up your Christmas shopping

How do you keep your sanity when, as Kipling put it, all around you are losing theirs? The pressures of Christmas are of course, financial, and the temptation to overspend is powerful, even when you think you’ve resisted most of the screaming ads to buy, buy, buy.

Last weekend, I was just about to leave John Lewis when a sale offer right by the door got me. I turned around, bought one more gift – then another. If I’d remembered my Switchwords for curbing spending – CUT-WRAP-DONE – I wouldn’t have bought perfume ‘for my sister’ that I know I’m going to keep as a little treat for myself – oops. When Christmas frenzy tempts you to keep on consuming, CUT switches off your impulse to buy; WRAP protects you so you don’t get caught up in the spending madness. DONE brings your request quickly – and puts the seal on your WRAP.

Got it? CUT-WRAP-DONE, CUT-WRAP DONE, CUT-WRAP DONE. Chant it, too, when you’re flitting around websites instead of doing your work – it CUTs down the temptation to whip out your credit card…

Take comfort

The festive season, as we know, has its emotional demands, too. Along with the drinking, eating and general good cheer, there’s a chance you’ll have to spend at least part of the holiday with a person who you usually wouldn’t choose to be with. You know them of old and, no matter how you try to keep calm around them, they seem to get under your skin: sober or sozzled, they’re irritating, or perhaps they make you feel uncomfortable in some other way.

Before you see this person, chant DE-PROGRAMME ten times; this helps remove the negative association you have with them – so they can’t fall into the same patterns of behaviour around you. It’s the Law of Attraction in action: negatively just attracts more. Reduce it with DE-PROGRAMME, and you’ll find you get less negative energy, and irritation, back.

If they do behave badly, though (often the case after a few cocktails), go for this nifty phrase: HOLD-BE. Chant it silently; HOLD  helps you hold your space and feel centred, rather than huffing out of the room (or saying what you really think…) while BE brings peace and wellbeing.

And more joy!

When you’re having a really good time, chant STRETCH – this prolongs the good yuletide vibes!

PS To avoid refreshing your wine glass too often over the holidays, chant SAVE. It certainly saves you from a hangover…