Switchwords Power Cards

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Switchwords Power Cards


Switchwords Designer Cards – only £14.99 

These designer-made Switchword Cards bring the power of Switchwords into your hands! Need an instant way to find the Switchwords you need? Choose your goal, then choose from 52 powerful Switchwords, each of which are printed on individual cards. Place your card or cards on the fridge door if you’re chanting to lose weight or eat more healthy foods; prop them by your computer screen if you need Switchword help at work; or, to remind you to chant any phrase you’ve chosen, pop them on the bedside table to get you chanting for whatever you want before you sleep and when you wake up. And they’ll fit in your mobile phone case, too.

We’ve chosen 52 Switchwords for everything you could need, printed on sturdy, laminated card, and included the results they bring on the reverse, from calm to better cash-flow, so you can see what to expect from each word in a flash. (The card’s colourful patterns are created by the artist Bev Speight, and they’re designed to energise every word you chant.) Also included is a Mini-Guide to choosing the cards and chanting them as your power-mantra, plus a list of wishes and goals and the words that will bring them to you – so if you need fast help, you can quickly scan the list and go right to the cards you need. Packaged in a laminated pillow-box, these stunning Switchwords Cards guide you to take this magical, Law-of-Attraction practice deeper into your daily life.

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