How to Tap in Your Switchwords

Finger-Tapping (EFTs)

Tapping, or EFTs, can be a really effective way to tap into your subconscious to communicate your Switchwords. ‘Switch-tapping’ is first aid if you feel you might give in while trying to deal with fear, a phobia, or to quit smoking or over-eating – firstly, because Switchwords can work instantly to shift your mindset, and secondly, because tapping words on your fingers gives you something to do with your hands rather than eat, over-think or reach for a cigarette. The tapping points we use on the fingers correspond with some of the acupoints on the body, which when stimulated, have a calming effect on the fear response in the brain.


  1. Find your karate-chop point on one of your hands – it’s the fleshy bit on the side of the hand, down from the little finger. Use the index finger of the other hand to tap the karate-chop while saying the ‘set-up’ statement: ‘Even though I have this addiction/problem, I completely accept myself.’ Say this aloud three times as you tap between five and seven times on the karate-chop point. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.
  2. Chant your Switchwords three times as you tap on the side of your thumb, index finger, middle finger and little finger. When you’re done, take a deep breath in and out again. For example, if you’re trying to quit smoking chant: TOGETHERCOUNTOFF. For weight less, try RESORECURVEPRAISENOW. For confidence, chant TOGETHERUP. You can tap in any Switchwords you choose to bring you what you want.

Try it now with some Switchword Prescriptions.

  1. Repeat twice more, so you’ve done three rounds of finger-tapping.